Mahashivratri Camp – Feb 2015

A five days Vedanta Camp prior to Mahashivratri Celebrations started at Vedanta Ashram on 12th Feb. All the pravachans concluded on 16th and the camp formally concluded on Mahashivratri day on 17th with the Guru-Dakshina Program in which everyone shared their Camp/Ashram experience. We had a small group of very devoted & sincere campers from different parts of the country – Lucknow, Vadodara, Mumbai, Bharuch, Bhubaneshwar, Indore and Oxford-UK.

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The camp routine started with a Meditation session at 6.00 AM (by P.Swamini Samatanandaji), then there was Aarti in the Mandir, followed by first session of Advaita Makaranda by Poojya Guruji. There was a second session of Advaita Makaranda after breakfast too. Thereafter was the Discussion Session in which some topic was taken for open-house discussion. It was moderated by Poojya Guruji or Sw Amitanandaji. After lunch – in which everyone chanted lovely shlokas, campers took some rest. Before tea there was a chanting session taken by Swamini Samatanandaji, and this was followed by Gita Pravachan – taken by P. Swami Amitanadaji. She explained the 14th chapter (Gunatrayavibhaga Yoga). Thereafter there was Aarti and dinner. The day concluded with an after-dinner Satsang & Bhajan Program. Devotees not only sang lovely bhajans but there were nice questions & answers too.


Group Photo of the Campers & Sewaks

The camp was overall very satisfying. All the delegates had a great enlightening & also a very comfortable time. Many see Vedanta Ashram a home away from home – in fact much more enightening.

The pravachans on Advaita Makaranda have been uploaded and can be freely accessed at the link below.

Advaita Makaranda Talks 

Photo Album of MSR Camp

Photo Album: Sanyas Deeksha

Photo Album: Bhajan Sandhya

Jokes by Manohar Agarwal