Gita Gyana Yagna, Bhubaneswar starts :

The Gita Gyana Yagna by Poojya Swamini Samatanandaji started at Sivananda Samskrutik Kendra, at Asoka Nagar, Bhubaneswar on the evening of 6th April. The Head of the Kendra Poojya Swami Shivchidanandaji Maharaj inaugurated the discourse series by lighting the lamp.

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Poojya Swaminiji is taking Gita Chapter 1 (Arjun Vishada Yoga) and Kathopanishad 1-1 in this Gyana Yagna. Normally these sections are not dealt very seriously so there was great inquisitiveness about the discourses. Being the first such program of Vedanta Mission there, it was a very good beginning. The publicity too was done very nicely – four colored pamplets, car-stickers, banners, invites etc. Rajesh Kumar, the main organizer worked from scratch and first got a feel of the place, contacted various such forums & groups and got the ball rolling.




There was a satisfactory attendance on the inaugural day. Some devotees from Lucknow also came over. It was nice to see that the Oriya speaking people were very comfortable with Hindi.

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The local Oriya Newspaper published the news of the ongoing Gita Gyana Yagna in their edition of 8th April.

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Before the inaugural session, Rajesh & his family took Poojya Swaminiji for the darshan of Bhagwan Jagannath at Puri. She also saw the Goverdhan Math of Sankaracharya.

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Photo Albums: 

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