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Janmashtami Celebrations at Ashram

Sri Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated at Vedanta Ashram with great devotion & enthusiasm – on 5th Sept 2015.



The day started with the concluding session of the Janmashtami Camp. We all first chanted few chapters of Bhagwad Gita, namely – 2nd, 4th & the 15th. Thereafter the campers were given a chance to share their camp experiences. Poojya Guruji told everyone that by this opprtunity we would like to see the sensitivity of the campers rather than get feedback of Ashram affairs. Sh Chandrashekhar Agrawal (Mumbai) gave a very detailed, vivid & sensitive presentation of his stay & experiences at Ashram. He noted the smallest of things. The cleanliness of Ashram, the personalizes touch in Camp Book, the freedom experienced in Ashram, which made it like their own home. The regular & enjoyable classes, lovely food & hospitality. It was a joy to see his sensitivity. Smt Krishna Agrawal narrated her experiences in a poetry form. It was also very touching experience. Overall all campers go back highly inspired & enlightened, but craving for more.


Later in the evening a lovely jhanki of Bhagwan Sri Krishna was made on the stage in the hall above. Apart from the nicely decorated statue of Bhagwan Sri Krishna in the center, on one side was the depiction of ‘Viswaroopa Darshan’, and on the other side was the Gitopadesha in Kurukshetra. It was tastefully made with other decorations like torans in the hall too.

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The program started with a session of Antakshari between the Viswaroopa team & the Gitopadesha team. Only bhajans, shlokas & chaupayis were allowed, and everyone had a great stock of them. The enjoyable game ended in a tie and everyone enjoyed it a lot.

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Thereafter started the ‘Vishnu Saharanama Archana’ program. Around thirty devotees sat down for the 100 minutes long ritual, and thus collectively offered more than 30 thousand ahutis. Poojya Guruji kept everyone involved by occasionally explaining the meaning of few names here & there. After the archana, the place was cleaned and bhajans started till the clock struck 12. Lights were put off for few moments and then put on – amidst the chanting & bhajans celebrating the moment of Bhagwan’s manifestation thousands of years back. After Maha-Aarti there were more bhajans & dances. Sabhajit from Lucknow even presented a flute presentation.

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Vedanta Sandesh – Sept 2015

We are happy to publish the Sept 2015 issue of Vedanta Sandesh – the monthly ezine of the International Vedanta Mission. VS contains inspiring and enlightening articles, snippets, quotes of Vedanta & Hinduism, and news of the activities of the International Vedanta Mission and of Vedanta Ashram.

Links:  Vedanta Sandesh is available on all of the following sites, and can be either downloaded or read online.

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Getting VS in your Folder directly: Now that we have Google Drive, our subscribers with Gmail can get the VS directly in their Google Drive Folder – the moment it is published. Interested people can let us know so that we can add their email id’s in Direct Share Facility.

Vedanta Sandesh is a free magazine, and you are welcome to share it with your friends & relatives. May the good values & vision spread to bless the lives of one & all.


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Vedanta (Janmashtami) Camp starts

The five days Vedanta (Janmashtami) Camp started on 31st Aug morning – with the Meditation class, conducted by Poojya Swamini Samatanandaji. Some devotee thereafter did the Rudrabhisheka – under the guidance of Poojya Swamini Poornanandaji. After a short Tea there was a chanting class by Swamini Samatanandaji.





After breakfast Poojya Guruji took a session of Panchadasi – Chapter 10 (Natakdeep Prakarana). Before lunch there was a discussion session – taken by Poojya Swamini Amitanandaji.




After lunch and some rest, there was a new program – Sanskrit Sambhashanam, taken by P.Swamini Amitanandaji. After tea she took a class of Gita based pravachan. The topic is ‘Avatara Rahashya’. In the evening everyone spent time in the Hall above, walking, jogging or playing Badminton. Later in the night there was the Bhajan session.



The Camp will conclude on Janmashtami Day – on 5th Sept with the celebration of Sri Krishna Janma.

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