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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Nov 2015

The Nov edition of the Hanuman Chalisa Satsang was preponed to 15th Nov this time. Poojya Guruji will be busy in the proposed Gita Gyana Yagna on the last Sunday. Moreover, on 15th Nov was also the Birthday of Swamini Samatananda. So both the programs were combined and we had a grand program in the evening. The day started with Poojya Swaminiji doing the Rudrabhisheka of Bhagwan Gangeshwar Mahadev.




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The program began with lovely spirited bhajans by the Dass Bagichi Bhajan Mandali, followed by chanting of Hanuman Chalisa and then was the pravachan. Last was the Aarti & prasad.

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In the pravachan Poojya Guruji basically discussed the word Maha-Jag-vandan – one who is revered & respected by the world. He said that when we study the personality of Hanumanji we find that while he was certainly highly respected by one & all, but surprisingly there was no place in his motivation for the ‘respect by others’. Respect from others is not something to be directly aimed at, but is more of an expression of their heartfelt respect borne out of seeing & experiencing the greatness of some person. He was certainly sensitive to others feelings but always aimed for something higher – which was noble thoughts & deeds, and rest follows effortlessly. Karma-phala always follows the karma like a shadow – effortlessly, so the intelligent people simply aim for good karmas rather than the inevitable karma-phala. It is a fact that Hanumanji won the heart of one & all – by his amazingly dedicated, sincere, selfless, intelligent and at times super-human efforts. All his work was always devoid of any personal calculations whatsoever. He was an embodiment of sattwic karma. Even though he was always a King-Maker but he never had any personal ambitions of either being a king himself or even getting some personal property or even honor for himself. His work was always Nishkama – selfless, only for the well-being of all. In simple words he just loved that which made his Bhagwan happy. This was his motivation. He was completely fearless, focused & always emanating deep fulfillment. It is always a joy to see & experience such people. They stand apart from the maddening crowd of the world. His sewa was such that everyone soon became literally indebted to him, the list includes Bhagwan Sri Ram too, apart from Sitaji, Lakshanji, Sugreeva, Vibheeshan or even Bharat. He was almost a life-saver for all. He not only saved them from the biggest challenges & catastrophes of their lives but also assured they get the best & highest they wished & aspired for. Such a person is not only a true friend but are almost like a blessing of God in our lives. They come in the category of a Suhruda – selfless benefactor. Such people are very rare in life and it is our greatest blessing to see & meet them, and when you become a benefactor of their benevolence then obviously our joy, gratitude & blessedness has no limits. True respect is borne out of such a state of mind. The most important people respected Hanumanji for being such a person. The common people were awed by his strength, fearlessness, power, humility and those slightly near to him were awed by his intelligence. However the nearest ones were awed by his deep fulfillment, selflessness & also dynamism. He was highly respected by all – whether friends or even foes – that is the meaning & secret of the word Maha-Jagvandan.

Common men of the world are normally motivated by ego-fulfillment, and as they come to know about the selfless motivations, then even when they sincerely wish to try this in their lives, we that the drive is not so intense as it was when working to fulfill something for their personal ambitions. However in the case of Hanumanji this selflessness was so deeply assimilated that the poet had to use two epithets of Tej & Pratap before Mahajagvandan. This means that even though he was selfless yet he was extremely dynamic, energetic & impressive.

After this program, everyone did the Aarti and then went for light dinner.

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Diwali at Ashram

This year in 2015 the Diwali festival was on the 11th of Nov. Two families of Ahmedabad came over to the Ashram to celebrate the festival here. They were Sh Ramakantbhai & Smt Ushaben Trivedi, and Sh Kaileshbhai & Smt Tarunaben Oza along with their daughter Palak.


They arrived on Dhanteras day, when the five days festivities start. It was also Monday, when we have special abhisheka. So all of them did the abhisheka of Bhagwan Sri Gangeshwar Mahadev together in the Ashram Mandir. Later in the evening there were Bhajans & Satsang. That day also happened to be the birth-tithi of Palak, so we had a small celebration too.













Narak Chaudas :

On Narak Chaudas day in the evening Satsang Poojya Guruji told the story of Narakasura, and the ashram was tastefully decorated with lights.

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Diwali :

On the Diwali day there was an elaborate Lakshmi pujan by Oza family in the Mandir, and there after various devotees kept flowing in for darshan. At Ashram now we don’t use any crackers etc – from the pollution point of view, and focus mainly on puja & the lights. We believe that every religious celebration should necessarily keep the environment clean & pure. We also need to be sensitive to the animals & birds.

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On Pratipada starts the New Year. So we all planned for dinner on the terrace and enjoyed the beautifully lit houses all around & the city lights.




Vedanta Sandesh – Nov 2015

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