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Pratah Smaran – Dhyana

A three days Meditation session was organized at Vedanta Ashram by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji on the three shlokas of Pratah Smaran Stotram. These were organized on 21st, 22nd and 23rd July 2016.

Shloka -1:

प्रातः स्मरामि हृदि संस्फुरदात्मतत्त्वं
सच्चित्सुखं परमहंसगतिं तुरीयम् ।
यत्स्वप्नजागरसुषुप्तिमवैति नित्यं
तद्ब्रह्म निष्कलमहं न च भूतसङ्घः ॥१॥

Early morning I bring to my mind that self-effulgent ‘Atma’ which ever reveals in my heart as ‘I’. I am of the nature of Sat-Chit & Ananda – pure existence, Consciousness and bliss. This self alone is where the wise ones always revel in, and this consciousness not only pervades all states but also transcends them. The three states of dream, waking & deep-sleep comes & go in it, and it ever remains the constant substratum of them, knowing & revealing them. I am that infinite Brahman and not this inert mind-body complex.


प्रातर्भजामि मनसा वचसामगम्यं
वाचो विभान्ति निखिला यदनुग्रहेण ।
यन्नेतिनेतिवचनैर्निगमा अवोच अवोचु:
तं देवदेवमजमच्युतमाहुरग्र्यम् ॥२॥

I reverentially bring to my mind ‘that’ Self, which while not objectified by our mind & speech, but because of which the mind & speech can illumine their objects. That which is revealed in the scriptures by negating the importance of all ‘objects’, so that our attention is only on the subject – the very consciousness. That essence of all our faculties, the unborn, infallible and foremost is the truth – and that is what I am.


प्रातर्नमामि तमसः परमर्कवर्णं
पूर्णं सनातनपदं पुरुषोत्तमाख्यम् ।
यस्मिन्निदं जगदशेषमशेषमूर्तौ
रज्ज्वां भुजङ्गम इव प्रतिभासितं वै ॥३॥

In this early hours of the day I do namaskar to that glorious self-effulgent consciousness which by revealing our various ignorance indicates that it transcends it. It is complete in itself, timeless and is pointed by words like Purushottam. My entire world, without any exception, exists in my consciousness alone, and is comparable to the imaginary snake on a rope.

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Guru Poornima 2016

Guru Poornima was on 19th July this year. This is always a big day at Ashram. Not only the Ashramites pay their respects to the entire Guru Parampara, but devotees too flock the place to get blessings from their Guru. There is puja & then a grand bhandara for all.

gp16 (2)_800x533

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The day began with Poojya Guruji doing puja of Bhagwan Sankaracharya, Guru Parampara and then the Vyasa Peetha. Later one of the devotees gets a chance to represent everyone to do Pada-Pooja of Poojya Guruji. This year it was the newly initiated Brni. Sakshi Chaitanya. She did the puja under the guidance of Swamini Amitanandaji. Poojya Guruji in his short talk conveyed his blessings to all the devotees, and then everyone got a chance to express their respects personally. Everyone then partook the prasad.

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Kumud’s Shastipoorti Celebs:

Kumud has now shifted to Vedanta Ashram, and her 60th birthday was her first birthday here. Shashtipoorti is an important milestone in the lives of all Hindus, and thus it was celebrated with traditional flavor. On 17th July morning was the Shiv-Puja of Bhagwan Sri Gangeshwar Mahadev. This was followed by a South-Indian special lunch in which some devotees also joined & gave their felicitations. Later in the evening was a Bhajan & Bhojan Program on the Terrace Garden. A lovely flowery Rangoli was made with 60 written on it, and we all had lovely bhajans and then the bhojan.

1_puja_ (4)_800x534




On 18th a special Shastipoorti Puja was organized. Before the Puja, Kumud’s mundan was done, courtesy Swamini Samatanandaji and then she sat in the puja. In this apart from the Rudrabhisheka, there was a Havan, in which aahutis were offered to various devata’s, navgraha’s; then there was the Dhanvantari Homa and finally the Mahamrutunjaya Homa. All were done under the supervision of Swamini Amitanandaji. After the puja, Poojya Guruji gave her a new name of Brahmacharini Sakshi Chaitanya.






Photo Albums:

  1. 17th July Progs
  2. 18th July Progs
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Havan for New Room

On 5th July 2016 morning a Vedic Havan was organized at Vedanta Ashram for entry into the newly refurbished room of Kumud Tewary and also her formal beginning of her stay at Vedanta Ashram as a new inmate. The Havan was performed under the guidance of Acharya Yagnic.


Sh Sunil Garg and Smt Manju Garg organized and also brought the Arya Samaj Pandit to the Ashram, and also participated in the Havan. The day also happened to be the birthday of Manju. Rekha Sharma also joined.

Apart from invoking peace & well-being for all, special ahuti’s were given for entry into the new room. The whole havan lasted for over an hour.

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Vedanta (Janmashtami) Camp, Indore

A five days residential Vedanta (Janmashtami) Camp is being organized at the Vedanta Ashram, Sudama Nagar, Indore. The Camp will be of five days from 20th to 25th Aug 2016, and the conclusion will be with the celebration of Sri Krishna Janmashtami on the 25th Aug.

Camp Acharyas:

The pravachans will be conducted by Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji and Poojya Swamini Amitanandaji. The Meditation and Chanting sessions will be by Poojya Swamini Samatanandaji, while the Puja sessions will be guided by Poojya Swamini Poornanandaji.

Venue :

Vedanta Ashram, E/2948, Sudama Nagar, Indore-452009 (MP). Ashram on Google Map:

Subjects :

Pravachans on ‘Atma Upanishad ; and Pravachans on ‘Gunatraya Vivek in Gita‘.

All the sessions will be in Hindi.

Who can apply:

Any healthy, sincere devotee who can live in the simple & austere atmosphere of an Ashram, without any complaints & problems, and wish to study Vedanta at the feet of traditional teachers can apply. The campers will have to stay inside the venue for all these six days. They will be given rooms with twin sharing. There are few rooms with attached bath/Lat, while others have common bath/lat facilities. No outing during the camp is allowed, and if at all there is some emergency they will take permission of the Acharyas to go out. After the camp, if weather permits, there may be a short yatra organized for everyone.

No outside food is permitted. The timings of food & tea is fixed, and the menu is simple & sattwic. Clean filtered water is available 24×7.

Campers should be ready to serve in whatever way necessary to help keep the place clean & quiet.

All campers will have to attend all the classes and should be punctual to be in the class few minutes before.

Campers will just have to bring their minimum necessary clothes and toiletries. Bedding will be provided by the Ashram.

Routine :

6.00 AM – Meditation

6.30 – Tea

6.45 – Chanting

8.00 – Breakfast

9.00 – Two Pravachans on the ‘Atma Upanishad’ (by Poojya Guruji)

12.30 – Lunch

4.00 PM – Tea

5.00 – Pravachan on ‘Gita me Gunatraya Vivek’ (by Swamini Amitanandaji)

6.30 – Temple Aarati

7.30 – Dinner

8.30 – Bhajan / Que & Ans / Cultural events

10.00 – Lights off

Travel Plans:

The Campers will have to reach the venue latest by 19th Aug evening and can leave by 26th Aug as per their conveniences. Any change will have to be notified earlier.


1. Please fill up the online Registration Form by following the link or check out the form below.

2. All the classes are free, but the campers have to take care of the various stay & food expenses etc. The fee for all these logistics, per person, has been fixed at Rs 4000/- for the six days stay. This amount can be deposited in any branch of  HDFC Bank. The account details are:

1. Name: Vedanta Parmarthic Sewa Trust

2. HDFC Bank Savings A/C No. 02811000003766. (Annapoorna Road Branch, Indore)

3. You can even simply inform us of your wish to join the camp either by email or WhatsApp. We shall then provide all the required details of completing the formalities personally. Registration will however be confirmed only when the required donation is deposited in the Bank.

Registration Form: 

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Gita Gyana Yagna : Ahmedabad

Poojya Swamini Amitanandaji conducted a five days GITA GYANA YAGNA at ‘Samutkarsh’ Ahmedabad from 27th June to 1st July 2016. This was her first discourse series in this part of the city and that also in this location. Samutkarsh is a premier ‘Center for Holistic Living’. Few years back Poojya Guruji conducted a three days Holistic Living Program there.





The subject matter of the twin discourse series were ‘Shok se Yog’ and ‘Vedanta Aadharit Dhyan’. The first was based on the first chapter of Bhagwad Gita, and the second was a conducted Meditation session in the mornings. Both the sessions were in Gujarati and were highly appreciated.

samutkarsh (1)

samutkarsh (2)

samutkarsh (4)


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Vedanta Sandesh – July 2016

Come July and it is birthday time for Vedanta Sandesh. 22 years ago on the occasion of Guru Poornima the first issue of VS was published, since then it has been a long journey. As the net facilities & tools developed and got pervasive, VS also kept changing its forms, and on this occasion in 2016 we are very happy to present a graphic rich new avatar of our monthly eMagazine – the Vedanta Sandesh. Do let us know your feedback on the overall impression of the ezine.

Some changes in the contents have also been made to make the objective of taking the Sandesh of Vedanta to more & more people.


Links:  Vedanta Sandesh is available on all of the following sites, and can be either downloaded or read online.

  1. Issuu

  2. Scribd

  3. GDocs

  4. Box

Getting VS in your Folder directly: Now that we have Google Drive, our subscribers with Gmail can get the VS directly in their Google Drive Folder – the moment it is published. Interested people can let us know so that we can add their email id’s in Direct Share Facility.

Vedanta Sandesh is a free magazine, and you are welcome to share it with your friends & relatives. May the good values & vision spread to bless the lives of one & all.


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