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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Sept 2016

On 25th Sept, the last Sunday of the month we had the monthly ‘Hanuman Chalisa Satsang’. The weather was lovely and dot at 6.30 PM the bhajans started. After about 45 mins Poojya Guruji started the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa, and thereafter followed an hour long enlightening pravachan by him on the 11th & 12th chaupayi – लाए सजीवन लखन जियाए, श्री रघुवीर हरष उर लाए ।। ११ ।।  राहुपति किन्ही बहुत बड़ाई, तुम मम प्रिय भरत सम भाई ।। १२ ।।




The topic under discussion was the amazing & divine qualities of Hanumanji, and how he alone was the one who always made impossible into possible, and thus kept on serving Bhagwan Sri Ram and his divine cause of the well-being of everyone. When Lakshmanji was hit by the powerful shakti of Meghnad he had fainted. It was Hanumanji who brought Lakshmanji to Ramji’s camp immediately when Meghnad was trying to take Lakshmanji’s body as an offering to his father Ravana. But it was for Hanumanji was fought with them and got the body of Lakshmanji. Then it was the bringing of Sushena Vaidya, as per the advise of Vibhishan, and that also along with his whole house, another impossible work, in a short time. Then came the prescription of Sushena Vaidya, that he needs a special herb – Sanjeevani booti, and that also before sunrise tomorrow, then the life of Lakshmanji can be saved. It was already almost the sunset time, and this booti was available only on a particular mountain called Dronagiri in the Himalayas – so this was another almost impossible task. Hanumanji was asked to try to get it, and off he went flying on his next mission impossible.

Every endeavor has its obstacles. Bigger the goal bigger are the obstacle. To pray for achieving some goal without any obstacles is to live in a fools paradise. The blessings of God is not really in the absence of obstacles, but in having the strength & wisdom to be handle any crisis with all ones strength & wisdom. This is what dharma truly provides us. Even Gods have to work hard, face obstacles, apply themselves intelligently & consistently then alone results are got. On his journey to Himalayas & back Hanumanji faced two terrible obstacles. The first one was by the deception of a Kapati Muni, and the second one was being shot down by Bharatji when Hanumanji was flying over Ayodhya. He handled both these situations very intelligently and brought not only the Sanjeevani booti, but the entire Dronagiri to Lanka to Ramji’s camp – well in time.

Poojya Guruji told the story of Kapati Muni. There was an uncle of Ravana, called Kaalneemi, he was endowed with amazing powers. Ravana, who had by his spies had already got the message of the developments at Ramji’s camp that Hanumanji has gone to get a particular booti and has to get it before sunrise the next day, so he asked Kaalneemi, to somehow stop Hanumanji till next day morning, and if possible kill him too. Even if he cannot be killed, it will be enough if he is delayed – then atleast Lakshmanji will not be saved. So Kaalneemi flies faster than Hanumanji and in a serene place with a lake creates the mirage of an Ashram there, and himself takes the form of a saint. There he sat on flat stone in meditation posture and started chanting the name of Ramji. This wily person knew that the bait should always be as per the catch. As Hanumanji was passing over the Ashram of this deceptive saint, he heard the lovely name of Ramji coming out of a serene Ashram, so inquisitively he stopped to check. Here the so demon in the form of saint was waiting and was happy that the fish has been caught. Very lovingly he handled Hanumanji and that he is very happy to see & meet a devotee of Ramji and would wish to initiate him into some more secrets of life & bhakti. Even though Hanumanji told him that right now he is in a hurry and will come later, but as an omniscient person he said that he knows all about his mission etc, and this knowledge will only help him further. Hesitatingly Hanumanji agreed, and was asked to go and take a dip in the lake nearby and come soon. When Hanumanji went to the lake and was taking a dip, there was a huge crocodile there who caught him, and a fight ensued. Hanumanji killed that crocodile, and just then an Apsara appeared there, and said that ‘I bow down to you, O Pavanputra Hanuman! I had been waiting for you for such  long time. I had been cursed to live like a crocodile for some inadvertent sin, and I was told at that time that one day Ram-bhakta Hanuman will come and free you from the curse. Thanks for liberating me from the curse. Now that you have liberated me I will help you too. I will tell you the secret of this so called saint – he is in fact a Rakshasa called Kaalneemi, and he has created all this ashram as a bait to catch & kill you. So please beware’. Hanumanji thanks the Apsara, and then goes and faces the saint. Without wasting too much time, he tells him that he knows his truth and such a person needs to be killed immediately. Not only he kills him but also throws him so far that he lands in the palace of Ravana, who immediately got the message that his mission has failed.

Later after deciding to get the whole Dronagiri, he was flying back, and that was when Bharat saw something huge flying above Ayodhya, he was highly alert and was protecting Ayodhya very nicely, so seeing this as something unusual he shot, and down came Hanumanji, while chanting the name of Ramji. On hearing the name of Ramji, Bharat was surprised and folding his hands he introduced himself and also asked who he was. This was an unexpected blessing for Hanumanji who was meeting the dear brother of Sri Ram, about whom he had been hearing so often. Hanumanji also introduced himself and briefly told the entire story – as to how Sitaji was kidnapped by Ravana, how Ramji finally reached Lanka to rescue her, that right now a fight is going on, and that he is taking some special herbs asked by the vaidya for the treatment of Laksmanji was has been hit. All this was bolt from the blue for Bharat, who felt very bad for hitting Hanumanji and thus delaying him. He also wanted to go & help, but was asked by Hanumanji to not plan any such thing. Ramji is enough. He nevertheless felt very bad that because of him Ramji and the entire family was going through all this problems. However, Hanumanji consoles him and assures him that  wherever Ramji is there can be no problems, but blessings and also the end of all problems.

So Hanumanji faced two impediments and he handled both of these very intelligently and also fulfilled his mission well in time. Everyone were obviously highly elated to see Hanumanji back. Sushena Vaidya too was surprised that Hanumanji brought the whole Dronagiri, he got the necessary herbs and then asked Hanumanji to take the Dronagiri back and put it in the place from where he had brought – which he of course did. Twice in the night he made the trip to Himalayas on that day. It was indeed the mission impossible. No one could ever have dreamt it to complete. Ramji was over joyed, and embraced Hanumanji and said that Hanumanji is as dear to him as Bharat. Hanumanji now knew what this really meant, because he had now met Bharatji.





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Vedanta Sandesh – Sept 2016

The Sept edition of Vedanta Sandesh was published on 1st Sept 2016. This is the third issue in the new avatar of VS. The cover page is dedicated to Mataji, because Navratras is coming later this month.


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