Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Nov 2016

On 20th Nov evening was organized the Nov edition of the monthly Hanuman Chalisa Satsang. The program began with the lovely spirited bhajans by Dass Bagichi Bhajan Mandal, and later when Poojya Guruji came on the Vyasa-Peetha, there was the congregational chanting of Hanuman Chalisa, after which was an hour-long enlightening pravachan by Poojya Guruji on the 16th chaupayi of the chalisa: तुम उपकार सुग्रीवहि कीन्हा। राम मिलाये राज पद दीन्हा।







Poojya Guruji in his pravachan said that whomsoever Hanumanji met got blessed with the fulfillment of their cherished dreams. Those wishing bhakti got bhakti, and those wishing kingdom got kingdom. He was saving lives, giving hopes and making lives of everyone better. We saw how he saved the life of Lakshmanji and how gratified was even Bhagwan Sri Ram at the impossible feat he did. He blessed him immensely.

Now we see the story of Sugriva. It was the discretion of Hanumanji, the trusted friend & lieutenant of Sugriva that the friendship of Ramji was possible with Sugriva, and that indeed turned out to be the deciding moment in the subsequent turn of events.  In fact Ramji was searching for Sugriva, as per the advise of Kabandha, a demon whose hands were cut by Ramji, he was a cursed person and as he got liberated from his curse, he advised Ramji to go to Rishymuka Parvat and befriend Sugriva, who will be able to help him search for Sita. As Ram & Lakshman approached the Rishyamuka parvat, Sugriva spotted the two princes approaching the mountain and thought that again Vali has sent someone to kill him. He was afraid, and asked Hanumanji to go and investigate. Hanumanji took the form of a Brahmin and met Ramji. It was an eventful encounter, and Hanumanji developed great respect for Ramji and he had devotion swelling his heart. He took both the princes on his shoulder on top of the mountain where Sugriva was, and finally both became friends. Sugriva assured Ramji of help to find Sitaji, while Ramji assured of his help to get rid of Vali.

Vali, the elder brother of Sugriva, was a very powerful vanara-king. He had strength of 60,000 elephants, and he even helped devatas to churn the Mandara parvat for amrut. His wife Tara was said to have come out of ocean, and he got this divine present. She was very wise, devoted & beautiful. He was basically a very good & righteous king, but slowly he got arrogant about his power, and this arrogance became instrumental for his unjust behaviour towards his younger brother Sugriva, and also the usurping of his wife Ruma. Ramji asked to go and challenge Sugriva for a fight, which he did, even though very fearfully. Tara got doubtful and advised discretion to Vali, but he said that he will never turn his back towards any challenge, even if called for by God himself. He finally came out of the gates to fight Sugriva. Sugriva was very sure that Ramji will come to his aid, but in the first round Ramji did nothing and he got beaten very badly, and somehow came out with surprise in his eyes as to why Ramji did not help. Ramji told that it was because both brothers were so similar he could not do anything, and then put a garland in the neck of Sugriva and asked him to go back to fight again. Finally Ramji shot an arrow and Vali fell. When Ramji and others came near he angrily asked Ramji as to why did he try to kill him, and that also from behind. An enlightening samvad ensued.

Ramji said that Vali had committed a great sin of taking the wife of his younger brother as his wife, even when he was alive, and he also wrongly fully was against Sugriva to the extent of trying to kill him for no fault of his. So he was worthy to be killed by someone who is the preserver of dharma, moreover, Vali had a boon that whomsover came in front of him for a fight, half his strength would go to Vali and thus he would always win. So such a person has to be killed in this way alone. Vali realized his mistakes and became purified, and even when Ramji gave him an option to live, he denied and accepted such a death. He asked Angad to assist Sugriva and asked Sugriva to take care of Tara & Angad, and then gave his necklace to Sugriva – because of which he got such powers – and peacefully died. Ramji thus fulfilled his words of helping Sugriva get his kingdom. It was all indeed the blessings of Hanumanji that all this almost impossible thing could happen.





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