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Yatra to Janapav Kuti

On 29th Jan 2017, an Indore based trek group called ‘Walking Wanderers’, organized a short trek to Janapav Kuti, an ancient place, which is around 45 Kms from Indore (an hour drive). This place is not only supposed to be the birth place of Chambal River, but is also said to be the birth place of well-known Parashuram Rishi. The trek group aptly named this trek as ‘Lakshya’ – as by this trek they aimed to break a world record to organizing a trek with the largest number of people. They succeeded in their well-organized efforts because they could finally garner around 4000+ people, breaking the earlier record of 2100 people joing a single trek.

Poojya Guruji saw the news of this plan in the newspapers, and took initiative to contact the group and organize a trip for our Russian visitors. Five members connected with Vedanta Ashram were registered for the trip. Swamini Vidyananda, Swami Asangananda, Alexei Rostovtsev, Anagh Sharma and Angad Kapoor went for the trip. Angad Kapoor lead the group on the d-day in his car to the base camp.  The trek was only of 3 Kms, but at places the climb was tough and the weather was hot. Passing through green fields, a small village, small temples the trekkers went on enjoying the trip. The organizers had made good arrangements of drinking water on the way, there was an ambulance of any possible emergency and of course Police arrangements too.

After reaching the top, they were greeted with some musical presentations, and were also given Certificates of Participation in this world-record event. While there they saw the ancient kund from where not only Chambal River but also four more rivers were said to have originated. They are: Chambal, Gambhir, Karam, Ajnar and Nakhedi. There must obviously be some perennial spring in the kund for its regular source of water. Out of these the first two become good sized rivers. The government plans to renovate the entire place and make it a good tourist attraction. Then there is a Shiv temple, exactly on the place of the birth place of Parashuram ji. Now some Dharmshala etc have also come up. There were lots of black-faced monkey’s in the area adding to the adventure.

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26 Jan Programs

On 26th Jan, the Republic Day of the country, the Ashramites hoisted the tricolor and paid their respects to what the country stands for. 

Earlier in the day a devoted couple had their marriage anniversary, and did Shic-Puja on the occasion.

Later there was a grand Samapan Program of the year-long Gita Study Program on WhatsApp, conducted by Poojya Swamini Amitanandaji. This concluding program was by organizing a Vishnu Sahasranama Archana followed by a Bhandara.


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Satsang at Das Bagichi

Poojya Guruji was invited at the annual function of the conclusion of Sunderkand Patha which takes place throughout the year. In this function various Bhajan Mandalis are invited to give their presentations. Poojya Guruji was warmly welcomed with chanting of Vedic Mantras. He had the darshan of Hanumanji who had been beautifully decorated, and then later he spoke about Hanumanji.

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Gita Gyana Yagna, Vadodara

A week long GITA GYANA YAGNA by P. Swamini Amitanandaji was organized at Atmajyoti Ashram, Vadodara. The discourse series started on 2nd Jan and concluded on 8th Jan 2017. The subject matter of the discourse series were Gita Chapter 6 and Kathopanishad 1-2.

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Gita Gyana Yagna, Lucknow

A week-long GITA GYANA YAGNA  by Poojya Swamini Samatanandaji was organized at SBI Officers Colony Community Hall (Ram-Naam Bank Colony Community Hall) in the Aliganj Area of Lucknow. The discourse series was from 26th Dec 2016 to 1st Jan 2017, and the subject matter of the pravachans were Gita Chapter 2 and Upadesha Saaram. The cold wave was on, yet a good number of devotees came over for the program, and kept on steadily increasing too.

On the last day of the program was a Vishnu Sahasranama Archana and it also happened to be the first day of the New Year, in which more than 25 couples participated.


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Vedanta Sandesh – Jan 2017

The Jan 2017 edition of Vedanta Sandesh is the English monthly eMagazine of International Vedanta Mission, containing inspiring and enlightening articles, snippets, quotes of Vedanta & Hinduism, and news of the activities of Vedanta Mission.

Links:  Vedanta Sandesh is available on all of the following sites, and can be either downloaded or read online.

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Getting VS in your Folder directly: Now that we have Google Drive , our subscribers with Gmail can get the VS directly in their Google Drive Folder – the moment it is published. Interested people can let us know so that we can add their email id’s in Direct Share Facility.

Vedanta Sandesh is a free magazine, and you are welcome to share it with your friends & relatives. May the good values & vision spread to bless the lives of one & all.


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