Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: May 2017

On 28th May was the last Sunday of the month, it was the day of the monthly ‘Hanuman Chalisa Satsang’ at Vedanta Ashram – by Poojya Guruji. The program started with lovely bhajans by our Bhajan Mandali. AT 7.00 PM Poojya Guruji came on the Vyasa Peetha, and after his welcome started the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa by everyone. and then his hour-long enlightening pravachan.

Poojya Guruji continued his talk on the same chaupayi as last month and threw different light on its message. दुर्गम काज जगत के जेते, सुगम अनुग्रह तुम्हारे तेते। meaning “All that which is very difficult & almost unattainable in life, becomes easy & attainable because of your grace”. While last month it was told that anything durgam is ones personal perceptions and such conditioning’s are formed when when a person just see’s his or her competencies, but when they become an instrument of God then their perception changes drastically regarding their own competencies and thus nothing remains durgam and rather is seen as possible or sugam. All we need to become is God’s instrument, then sky becomes the limit. This month he took the topic of ‘sugam anugrah tumhare tete’. While it is no doubt that with the blessings of God anything & everything becomes possible, but the real question is – how to become a recipient of God anugrah. How to invoke his blessings?

We invoke the blessing of our elders & Guru’s just by having respect towards them and following their precepts. What else does a teacher wish & expect from a student except proper understanding and living as per the teaching. We believe God more than our mind & conditioning’s about ourselves. All limitations are self-imposed, and if we truly believe someone who is just telling that we have infinite capacities to achieve & attain anything in life, then obviously we need to believe them to be a recipient of their grace. God not only reveals to us our competencies, but he alone creates & manages the whole world, he alone is the real karma-phal-data, the giver of every situation in life. So belief in him also requires our changed perception towards every situation we receive in life. A good devotee looks upon every situation in life as a prasad of God. Good or bad, God alone has given us this – for our betterment. Either as a pat on the back or maybe a tough situation to learn something and become more stronger. So to remain in good books of God and assure continuous flow of anugrah requires looking upto every situation in life as his prasad. Just as after darshan in a temple we get prasad, whatever it may be, it take it respectfully and partake it with profound blessedness. So also when a person reveals such positivity in receiving any situation in life, then all fears and complexes effortlessly disappear and the door to achieving great things open in life. So the first thing in life is to have Prasad-buddhi.

Second buddhi is all about how we respond to the situations we get. Normally our motivation is self-centered & ego-centric. Whoever has such a motivation limits their competencies, and thus closes the door of God’s blessings. In a God’s devotee this too changes. When we discover that an omniscient God is taking care of us in & through all situations by showering us with all that which is good for us, then the burden of living our lives just by ourselves & for ourselves changes. Instead the motivation becomes to live for God. So whatever we do should truly & sincerely be for the pleasure of God. This is called Ishwar-Arpan Buddhi. Like a lover doing everything for our respectful beloved God alone. This brings about such a paradigm shift in our attitudes that we become competent to attain the impossible.

These two buddhis – Prasad-Buddhi and the Ishwar-Arpan Buddhi are sure shot means to invoke the anugrah of God, and then alone even the durgam becomes sugam.


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