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Short Vedanta Course

A ten days Short Vedanta Course was organized at Vedanta Ashram from 20th to 29th Aug 2017. It was an English language course and the main subject-matter of the discourses was Drg-Dryshya Viveka. Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji conducted the entire course and also conducted one Meditation Class.

Video Recordings: 

Video Recording of the pravachans was also done and uploaded on YouTube. Links of the talks are given below:











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Audio Recordings: 

All the ten Audio Recordings can also be accessed – from the folder link below:

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Puja by Neena & Manisha:


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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Aug 2017

The Aug 2017 edition of Hanuman Chalisa Satsang was organized in the Ground Floor Satsang Hall of Vedanta Ashram, on 27th Aug. The program began with lovely bhajans. The bhajans were predominantly dedicated to Ganeshji because of the ongoing Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. Later when Poojya Guruji came on the Vyasa Peeth, he was welcomed with garland by Sunil Kumar Ojha and Gulab Chandra Vyasa, and a congregational chanting of Hanuman Chalisa started. This was followed by an inspiring hour long pravachan – on the same 21st chaupayi – राम दुआरे तुम रखवारे। होत न आज्ञा बिन पैसारे।।

In his pravachan, Poojya Guruji said that Hanumanji is shown sitting at the door of Ramji and guarding it, and all those who come with humility alone get the permission to enter the temple of Ramji and get his darshan. What does this mean? It does not mean that Hanumanji only allows all those people whom he likes, but in fact when we look at the nature of Hanumanji, he is someone who is pro-actively encouraging everyone to go near Ramji and get blessed with his devotion. Here Hanumanji is shown as a Sant or rather a Guru, who in fact initiates devotees to be truly blessed with Ramji.

Gita Gyana Yagna, Ahmedabad

Poojya Swamini Amitanandaji conducted a five days GITA GYANA YAGNA at ‘Samutkarsh Academy’ Ahmedabad from 18th June to 23rd Aug 2017. The 3rd discourse series was organized at this place. Samutkarsh is a premier ‘Center for Holistic Living’. The subject matter of the twin discourse series were Gita Chapter 3rd ‘Karma Yog’ in evening session and ‘Shiv Upasana Aadharit Dhyan’ in morning session. Both the sessions were in Gujarati and were appreciated. In her pravachans on the third chapter Poojya Swaminiji talked about the art of doing karma as revealed in the Gita, which was very inspiring for all. The topic of Yagna-Bhava was very fascinating & motivating. All pravachans were in Gujrati language.


During one of the days a Shiv Puja and Abhishek was organized at the residence of Radhikaben, were many of his friends & relatives brought their Shiv-Lingas and Swaminiji directed them to do the puja in this holy month of Savan. Abhishek was done with the chanting of ‘Kaivalya Upanishad’ which is also known as ‘Shat Rudri’.




Gita Chapter 3


Photo Album

Janmashtami Vedanta Camp – 2017

The 2017 Janmashtami Vedanta Camp was organized at Vedanta Ashram, Indore – from 10th to 15th Aug. Campers from Mumbai, Lucknow, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Jodhpur joined the camp. The subject matter of the camp were Laghu Vakya Vritti by Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji, Gita Chapter-7 by P. Swamini Amitanandaji, Meditation and Chanting classes by P. Swamini Samatanandaji, and Puja under the guidance of P. Swamini Poornanandaji.


The day started with Meditation session at 6.00 AM, followed by tea and then Puja, and then there was chanting session. After breakfast there was a marathon session of more than 120 -150 minutes by Poojya Guruji. Later there was the discussion session under the moderation of Poojya Guruji. In this session all the campers expressed their views on some select topic. Then there was lunch. Most of the days someone or the other offered Bhiksha. Devotees kept chanting some shlokas while taking meals. In the evening after tea there was the Gita session, and then after the evening Aarti & dinner there was the bhajan & QnA session.

One of the days everyone sang songs using Karaoke, and on the other day there was a lovely Jokes Session by a devotee – Sh Manohar Agarwal.


On 15th Aug, there was the hoisting of the tricolor – by Col Pankaj Misra, and then everyone sang the National Anthem. Later the devotees heard the PM’s address from the ramparts of Red Fort. and after some phalahar was the concluding session of the camp wherein everyone shared their experiences about the camp content and stay at Ashram. It was great joy to see everyone positively benefited & inspired by the camp & ashram stay.

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Vedanta Sandesh – Aug 2017

The Aug 2017 edition of Vedanta Sandesh is the English monthly eMagazine of International Vedanta Mission, containing inspiring and enlightening articles of Vedanta & Hinduism, and news of the activities of Vedanta Mission & Ashram – has been published. You can check it out from the links below:

Links:  Vedanta Sandesh is available on all of the following sites, and can be either downloaded or read online.

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Getting VS in your Folder directly: Now that we have Google Drive , our subscribers with Gmail can get the VS directly in their Google Drive Folder – the moment it is published. Interested people can let us know so that we can add their email id’s in Direct Share Facility.

Vedanta Sandesh is a free magazine, and you are welcome to share it with your friends & relatives. May the good values & vision spread to bless the lives of one & all.


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