Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Aug 2017

The Aug 2017 edition of Hanuman Chalisa Satsang was organized in the Ground Floor Satsang Hall of Vedanta Ashram, on 27th Aug. The program began with lovely bhajans. The bhajans were predominantly dedicated to Ganeshji because of the ongoing Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. Later when Poojya Guruji came on the Vyasa Peeth, he was welcomed with garland by Sunil Kumar Ojha and Gulab Chandra Vyasa, and a congregational chanting of Hanuman Chalisa started. This was followed by an inspiring hour long pravachan – on the same 21st chaupayi – राम दुआरे तुम रखवारे। होत न आज्ञा बिन पैसारे।।

In his pravachan, Poojya Guruji said that Hanumanji is shown sitting at the door of Ramji and guarding it, and all those who come with humility alone get the permission to enter the temple of Ramji and get his darshan. What does this mean? It does not mean that Hanumanji only allows all those people whom he likes, but in fact when we look at the nature of Hanumanji, he is someone who is pro-actively encouraging everyone to go near Ramji and get blessed with his devotion. Here Hanumanji is shown as a Sant or rather a Guru, who in fact initiates devotees to be truly blessed with Ramji.