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हनुमान चालीसा सत्संग : सितम्बर २०१७

सितम्बर महीने का हनुमान चालीसा सत्संग का कार्यक्रम दिनांक  २४ सितम्बर को वेदांत आश्रम में आयोजित हुआ। कार्यक्रम का प्रारम्भ सूंदर भजनों  से हुआ, और फिर सबने हनुमान चालीसा का पाठ  किया। तदुपरांत  पूज्य गुरूजी ने हनुमान चालीसा की २१वीं  चौपाई पर अपना प्रवचन आगे बढ़ाया। उन्होंने कहा की यह चौपाई जहाँ हनुमानजी रामजी के द्वार में बैठे हैं और उनकी आज्ञा के बाद ही कोई भक्त रामजी के दर्शन हेतु अंदर जा कर प्रभु के दर्शन कर पता है – का अर्थ बड़ा गूढ़ है। भगवन का निवास किसी कमरे अथवा मंदिर के अंदर मात्र नहीं होता है, वे तो कण-कण में व्याप्त हैं – फिर भी बगैर हनुमानजी जैसे संत की आज्ञा और आशीर्वाद के भगवन का दर्शन नहीं होता है।  इसका अर्थ यह है, की भगवन को  देखने की दॄष्टि होनी चाहिए तभी भगवन दिखते हैं। जो भगवन को देखने की दॄष्टि  देते हैं वे तो हम लोगों के गुरु होते हैं, अतः यहाँ हनुमानजी को गुरु रूप से बताया जा रहा है।

भगवन के दर्शन के लिए एक तो हमें भगवन का ज्ञान होना चाहिए, और उससे पूर्व ज्ञान की प्राप्ति के लिए उसके लिए उत्कंठा, इच्छा और उत्साह होना चाहिए। इन सब चीजों का होना भक्ति का लक्षण है।  हनुमानजी एक गुरु की तरह बैठ के शास्त्रों का ज्ञान तो नहीं देते हैं, लेकिन वे हम लोगों के अंदर भक्ति जरूर उन्पन्न कर देते हैं। नारद भक्ति सूत्र में उन्हें भक्ति का एक आचार्य कहा गया है।  भक्ति हमें भगवत ज्ञान हेतु पात्रता प्रदान करती है।  हनुमानजी अपने आचरणों से हमें भक्ति का उपदेश देते हैं।  किसी भी व्यक्ति को भगवत भक्ति के लिए कैसे अपने आप को तैयार करना चाहिए, उस विषय पर पूज्य गुरूजी ने अपने प्रवचन में विशेष प्रकाश डाला। उन्होंने भक्ति की प्राप्ति हेतु राम जी और शबरी के उस प्रसंग की चर्चा करि – जहाँ रामजी खुद भक्ति की प्राप्ति हेतु उपदेश देते हैं।

भक्ति की प्राप्ति हेतु उन्होंने नवधा भक्ति की विस्तार से चर्चा करी।

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फोटो एल्बम 

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Gita Gyana Yagna, Lucknow

Poojya Swamini Amitanandaji conducted a Seven days GITA GYANA YAGNA at Hariom Mandir, Lucknow from 10th to 17th Sept 2017, Its an auspicious time of Pitru Paksha (Shraddha Paksha). Finally was the Bhandara organized for all devotees at the Mandir by the Mandir authorities.

This time pravachans were in the Mandir Hall instead of the main pravachan hall, because of the ongoing renovations there. Here Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna with Radha, Laxmi-Narayana, Devi Ma, Mahadevji and Jhulelal’s beautiful statues are established along with Guru Granth Saheb, as renovation of Satsang Hall is going on.

The subject matter of the twin discourse series were Gita Chapter 10 (6.30-8.00 PM) and Kena Upanishad 1 (7.30-9.00 AM). Sh Shekhar & Smt Asha Khanna, President of the VM Lucknow, did the Vyasa Peetha Pooja on the first day.

The 10th chapter of Gita, is called Vibhooti Yoga presents the glories of the Ishwar. Even though he is all pervasive, and is everything, still the Glory of Bhagwan is more easily visible wherever there is a ray of Glory.

At the end of this chapter Bhagwan concluded that whatever existent thing there is that has glory, is endowed with any form of wealth, and is distinguished, mighty, that may you know is born of a fraction of my glory. Everything is me. All of this is only one fourth of me in fact, I remain pervading this entire world by only one part of myself.

In the morning session of Kena Upanishad, this Upanishad starts with the question of disciple. Who is the director of the mind? Who impels the mind to alight on its object? At whose command does the Prana proceed to function? At whose command do our sense organs and organs of actions are capable of perceiving and acting? This question shows the state of the mind of disciple that now he is not worried about what is perceived or experienced, this is called “Virakta Mind”. Rishi started showing that “Tattva” with pointers, which is to be experienced as own Self, as a Consciousness, not as an object. The main and important pointer (lakshana) showed that it is beyond “known and unknown” which can be our own Self only. Awakening to that state is the Liberation, the Param Purushartha. One should know this before dying.

On the second last day of Gyana Yagna there was a bhandara for all devotees, which was offered by Hari Om Mandir authorities.


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Podcast: Comfort Zone

An inspiring audio clip by Swamini Samatananda – on our Comfort Zones.

We all love our Comfort Zone. It is a comfortable & heavenly place we create for ourselves, where we can get relaxed & refreshed. It is important no doubt that we all have our comfort zones. However, there is also a flip side to it. We should not be so tired that we never come out of our comfort zones to experience this beautiful & amazing life. Many people get so attached to their comfort zones, that thereafter they are afraid to come out of it. At that time our comfort zone becomes like our own self-created jail denying us the very life we need to live & experience.

Do get refreshed and then come out in the sunshine of  life to experience the life given to us on a platter by God himself, and get stronger too. She says that Tapasya is all about coming out of our comfort zones. Check out the podcast.

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Vedanta Sandesh – Sept 2017

The Sept 2017 edition of Vedanta Sandesh is the English monthly eMagazine of International Vedanta Mission, containing inspiring and enlightening articles of Vedanta & Hinduism, and news of the activities of Vedanta Mission & Ashram – has been published. You can check it out from the links below:

Links:  Vedanta Sandesh is available on all of the following sites, and can be either downloaded or read online.

  1. Issuu

  2. Scribd

  3. GDocs

  4. Box

Getting VS in your Folder directly: Now that we have Google Drive , our subscribers with Gmail can get the VS directly in their Google Drive Folder – the moment it is published. Interested people can let us know so that we can add their email id’s in Direct Share Facility.

Vedanta Sandesh is a free magazine, and you are welcome to share it with your friends & relatives. May the good values & vision spread to bless the lives of one & all.


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