Raghu Iyer gives Photography Tips

On 26th May, Sh Raghu Iyer, a very dedicated and passionate Wildlife Photographer was invited to Vedanta Ashram to enlighten the Ashram Mahatmas & devotees about the intricacies and tips of Field Photography. After the darshan of Bhagwan Sri Gangeshwar Mahadev in the Ashram Mandir, we had our very enlightening session of more than 90 minutes.

Raghu brought a very helpful chart for everyone to get an idea of Aperture / Shutter & ISO adjustments. He brought his various award-winning pictures and explained them too.

His wife Jaishree and son Ashwin also came. After dinner for which they also brought a lovely dish, Jaishree Raghunandan sang two lovely bhajans in Carnatic music style, which literally had a cool meditative effect.

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