Janmashtami Vedanta Camp – Aug 2019

A six days residential Janmashtami (Vedanta) Camp is being organized at the Vedanta Ashram, Sudama Nagar, Indore. The Camp will be of five days from 19th to 24th Aug 2019, and the conclusion will be with the celebration of Janmashtami on the 24th Aug.

Camp Acharyas:

The pravachans will be conducted by Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji and Poojya Swamini Amitanandaji. The Meditation and Chanting sessions will be by Poojya Swamini Samatanandaji, while the Puja sessions will be guided by Poojya Swamini Poornanandaji.

Venue :

Vedanta Ashram, E/2948, Sudama Nagar, Indore-452009 (MP)

Subjects :

Pravachans on Upadesh Saram & Gita – 2 / Sloka 54 to 72 (Sthitapragya)

Chanting on Upadesh Saram

All the sessions will be in Hindi.

Who can apply:

Any healthy, sincere devotee who can live in the simple & austere atmosphere of an Ashram, without any complaints & problems, and wish to study Vedanta at the feet of traditional teachers can apply. The campers will have to stay inside the venue for all these six days. They will be given rooms with twin sharing. There are few rooms with attached bath/Lat, while others have common bath/lat facilities. No outing during the camp is allowed, and if at all there is some emergency they will take permission of the Acharyas to go out.

No outside food is permitted or encouraged. The timings of food & tea is fixed, and the menu is simple & sattwic. Filtered water is available 24×7.

Campers should be ready to serve in whatever way necessary to help keep the place clean & quiet.

All campers will have to attend all the classes and should be punctual to be in the class few minutes before.

Campers will just have to bring their minimum necessary clothes and toiletries. Bedding will be provided by the Ashram.

Routine :

6.00 AM – Meditation

6.30 – Tea

       6.35 – Pooja / Abhishek (by Swamini Poornanandaji)

7.00 – Pravachan on the ‘Upadesh Saram’ of Shri Raman Maharshi (by Poojya Guruji)

8.30 – Breakfast

9.30 – Pravachans on the ‘Upadesh Saram‘ of Shri Raman Maharshi (by Poojya Guruji)

11.30 – Discussion

1.00 – Lunch

4.00 PM – Tea

4.30 – Chanting on ‘Upadesh Saram‘ (by Swamini Samatanandaji)

5.00 – Pravachan on ‘Gita – Sthitpargya’ (Ch – 2 Sloka 54 to 72) (by Swamini Amitanandaji)

6.30 – Temple Aarti

7.30 – Dinner

8.30 – Bhajan / Que & Ans / Cultural events

10.00 – Lights off

Travel Plans:

The Campers will have to reach the venue latest by 18th Aug evening and can leave by 25th Aug as per their conveniences. Any change will have to be notified earlier.


1. Please fill up the online Registration Form by following the link or check out the form below.

2. All the classes are free, but the campers have to take care of the various stay & food expenses etc. The fee for all these logistics, per person, has been fixed at Rs 5000/- for the six days stay. You can deposit this amount by going to our Donate Page and choosing any convenient mode of payment.

Note: Pl inform us by email about the mode & other details of the donation at vmission@gmail.com

Venue Map: