Podcast: Comfort Zone

An inspiring audio clip by Swamini Samatananda – on our Comfort Zones.

We all love our Comfort Zone. It is a comfortable & heavenly place we create for ourselves, where we can get relaxed & refreshed. It is important no doubt that we all have our comfort zones. However, there is also a flip side to it. We should not be so tired that we never come out of our comfort zones to experience this beautiful & amazing life. Many people get so attached to their comfort zones, that thereafter they are afraid to come out of it. At that time our comfort zone becomes like our own self-created jail denying us the very life we need to live & experience.

Do get refreshed and then come out in the sunshine of  life to experience the life given to us on a platter by God himself, and get stronger too. She says that Tapasya is all about coming out of our comfort zones. Check out the podcast.

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Russian Visitors visit Regional Park

Our Russian Sanyasis and devotees visited Regional Park on the 5th Feb. Angad Kapoor and Anagh Sharma took them over to the Park in their car.

They enjoyed the boating in the lake, strolling around the lovely garden, interacting with local people and even singing songs with a local singer whom they met there.

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Yatra to Janapav Kuti

On 29th Jan 2017, an Indore based trek group called ‘Walking Wanderers’, organized a short trek to Janapav Kuti, an ancient place, which is around 45 Kms from Indore (an hour drive). This place is not only supposed to be the birth place of Chambal River, but is also said to be the birth place of well-known Parashuram Rishi. The trek group aptly named this trek as ‘Lakshya’ – as by this trek they aimed to break a world record to organizing a trek with the largest number of people. They succeeded in their well-organized efforts because they could finally garner around 4000+ people, breaking the earlier record of 2100 people joing a single trek.

Poojya Guruji saw the news of this plan in the newspapers, and took initiative to contact the group and organize a trip for our Russian visitors. Five members connected with Vedanta Ashram were registered for the trip. Swamini Vidyananda, Swami Asangananda, Alexei Rostovtsev, Anagh Sharma and Angad Kapoor went for the trip. Angad Kapoor lead the group on the d-day in his car to the base camp.  The trek was only of 3 Kms, but at places the climb was tough and the weather was hot. Passing through green fields, a small village, small temples the trekkers went on enjoying the trip. The organizers had made good arrangements of drinking water on the way, there was an ambulance of any possible emergency and of course Police arrangements too.

After reaching the top, they were greeted with some musical presentations, and were also given Certificates of Participation in this world-record event. While there they saw the ancient kund from where not only Chambal River but also four more rivers were said to have originated. They are: Chambal, Gambhir, Karam, Ajnar and Nakhedi. There must obviously be some perennial spring in the kund for its regular source of water. Out of these the first two become good sized rivers. The government plans to renovate the entire place and make it a good tourist attraction. Then there is a Shiv temple, exactly on the place of the birth place of Parashuram ji. Now some Dharmshala etc have also come up. There were lots of black-faced monkey’s in the area adding to the adventure.

Photo Album

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Satsang at Das Bagichi

Poojya Guruji was invited at the annual function of the conclusion of Sunderkand Patha which takes place throughout the year. In this function various Bhajan Mandalis are invited to give their presentations. Poojya Guruji was warmly welcomed with chanting of Vedic Mantras. He had the darshan of Hanumanji who had been beautifully decorated, and then later he spoke about Hanumanji.

Photo Album

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Stress Management Workshop at Bhubaneshwar

While at Bhubaneshwar a Gita based Stress Management Workshop was organized at SIDBI Office for its officers & staff by Poojya Swamini Samatanandaji – on 7th April evening. The program was organized in their Conference Hall.



P. Swaminiji started by highlighting the prevalence of the problem of Stress all over. This not only hampers health but also work efficiency, relationships, sleep etc. It has become a modern day epidemic, and needs to be taken seriously. She revealed what exactly is stress problem. It was a continuous built-up of Stress with no possibility of its release. As long as stress gets an opportunity to get released so long there is no problem, in fact it is good for overall health & growth, however when because of various factors, mainly our inflated & unrealistic expectations, we keep getting dejection’s, then the body gets into an unnatural state of stress, which is very bad for health.



The way out of this situation is firstly to break the cycle, by any possible & available means, like outing, entertainment, meditation etc, but the real root is handling situations. Stress is basically the divide between what is and what should be, expectations & reality. While expectations are important for any work, but obviously we need to be realistic. Karma Yoga is that Art of Karma wherein  we have our feet of ground and then take off for the skies.

In the end she conducted a short stress relieving Meditation.

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Salil Sandhya – 2015

Poojya Guruji’s birthday was celebrated at Ashram on 15th Dec, with a lovely Flute-Program & Bhandara. We had the lovely SALIL SANDHYA program in the Sankaracharya Sabhagruh on 15th Dec evening. In spite of it being a weekday around 100 local devotees participated. Earlier in the morning Poojya Guruji did the Shiv-Puja. 





Apart from Salil Date on Flute, we had Sunil Kotwale on Tabla, Subhash Rakhonde on the Octopad and Ravi Salke on the Synthesizer. The sound system & mixing was handled by Pradeep Khakri. Salil presented more than an hour of lovely numbers, which included Bhajans & other immortal hindi songs – on flute.  

Anagh & Deeksha later presented a short Sanskrit prayerful poem on the occasion – written by Swamini Amitanandaji. Click HERE to listen to the presentation.





Later Poojya Guruji in his short blessing message said that we are devotees of Lord Krishna, with whom two things are intimately associated, they are Bhagwad Gita and Flute. Flute is one of the sweetest instrument, its sound touches heart, and so is the message of Gita. He said that we need to take inspiration from Flute and try to become instruments of Ishwar. However for this we will need to be like a flute – empty inside. This is what the teaching of Bhagwad Gita is, to help us make ourselves a flute in the hand of our beloved Lord. Later he presented prasad to all artists.





Finally there was Bhandara – pudi, sabji & sweets for all.

  1. Album of Shiv-Puja
  2. Album of Salil Sandhya
  3. Audio Link of Sanskrit Song


Testimonials for Dr Amitabh Goel by Poojya Guruji

The Problem: 

My stomach was lately giving me problems. Indigestion, acidity and occasional stomachaches. Kept on resorting to symptomatic treatment which included taking antacids & various ayurvedic & gharelu medicines regularly. One of these days I had a terrible spasmodic abdominal pain, which could be handled only by getting immediate Inj Voveron. I somehow had some sleep in the night, and then decided to get the problem checked properly. Few years back Dr Ravi Kusumakar, a well-known Radiologist and an equally good person, and also a close acquaintance had told me about a Gall Bladder stone, and that is what I suspected; so I went to him and he confirmed not only the existence of one large stone, but more smaller ones plus thickening of the Gall Bladder wall. He immediately referred me to a well known Surgeon Dr Amitabh Goel. MS., for further opinion. The doctors suggested immediate operation – Cholecystectomy, complete removal of Gall Bladder. Dr Amitabh Goel specializes in Laproscopic surgeries, so we decided to go for it immediately.

The Surgeon: Dr Amitabh Goel: 

It was a pleasure to meet Dr Amitabh Goel. He is a warm, positive & ever-smiling doctor. Someone who exudes hope & also good health. Apart from being a good person, he is highly respected as a good surgeon too, who loves his job and has specialized in various new systems & technologies, like Laproscopy etc. It is always a pleasure meeting people who love their jobs and also exude positivity. Dr Amitabh Goel was kind enough to give me a time-slot on a day when he already had three surgeries booked. In the meantime I had got admitted in one Sahaj Hospital, which has good facilities for endoscopic surgeries, and overall had good clean & caring ambiance. I got admitted in the Hospital on 25th May 2015 morning, and immediately various pre-operation tests & preparations started. By afternoon I was declared ready for the operation, and Dr Goel, who was outstation earlier night had come to the city and took up my case first. He earlier explained that while his priority will be to operate by laproscopic method, but he legally needed permission to resort to open surgery in case the situation so required. All formalities over & papers signed, I was taken inside the operation theatre by 1.30 PM. The operation was supposed to last for 15-20 mins, however when the doctor did not come out for more than 45 mins, our devotees & disciples started getting a bit worried. The doctor finally came out after 50 mins with a tray carrying the Gall Bladder and its various precious gems :).

The Operation: 

Dr Amitabh Goel told that the timing of the operation was very good, because the condition of the Gall Bladder had become really bad. One of the smaller stones, and there were dozens of them, had blocked the bile duct thus choking the bladder and also an artery. This not only stopped the blood supply to the bladder, but it got fully inflated. Necrosis and Gangrene had set in one part of the Bladder and it was so full of bile that it could have burst inside anytime creating a possible more serious condition. At one moment the doctor even thought of doing open surgery to handle the situation, but even at the risk of extending the duration of the operation, decided to first give the endoscopy a fair & challenging trial. He punctured the bladder, sucked out the bile with suction pipes, deflated it to make the situation managable. This is what made the operation longer than expected. However Kudos to Dr Amitabh Goel and his team that the operation was successful. Later I saw the video recording of the operation too.

The Hospital: 

The hopital staff took good care of me after the operation, and ofcourse some of my disciples did amazing service & tapasya the following night. Noteworthy are Swamini Amitanandaji and Siddharth Arora, a research scholar at Oxford University and presently on visit to India. Many devotees kept on pouring in and were ready for any service required. Next day morning Dr Goel was there to see me, earlier than expected, and as things were all normal, he permitted me to get discharged by night itself after completing the i/v doses of antibiotics. I was feeling very light, as the main source of the problem was removed. I was taken for a walk around hospital in the evening, and by night I could drive myself back to my Vedanta Ashram, which was around 5 Kms from the hospital.


Dr Goel checked the progress after four days and then again after another week when he cut the stiches. Now I am feeling much better. For six weeks I have been advised fat-free & spice-free light diet, which anyways I was taking because of the various stomach problems. So it was all fine for me. One very amazing & positively surprising thing which happened after the operation was a drastic reduction in my blood sugar levels. I am an old diabetic, and was managing my blood sugar with medicines, Inj Lantus and controlled diet. Almost all the medicines became half. So now because of this operation not only my stomach problems are over but even the diabetic condition is much better. Pancreas obviously believed nicely in the age old adage that ‘One should love ones neighbour’, and as the neighbour, the Gall Bladder, was not in good condition, so it was all agitated. No one ever indicated to me that some internal issues could precipitate diabetes too. So it was all a great blessing. In fact on hindsight I see that everything was a great blessing. The timely diagnosis & advise of Dr Ravi Kusumakar, the timely & professional intervention of Dr Amitabh Goel, the sewa of various people – everything was a great blessing in disguise. God is indeed all-pervasive and comes to us in so many forms.

by Swami Atmananda Saraswati
Founder Acharya of the International Vedanta Mission & Vedanta Ashram, Indore

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Gall Bladder Operation of Poojya Guruji

Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji had to get an emergency operation done and get his Gall Bladder removed on 25th May 2015. Dr Amitabh Goel, MS, an eminent Laproscopy Surgeon of Indore, did the Cholecystectomy operation very successfully at the Sahaj Hospital, South Tukoganj, Indore in the afternoon of 25th.




Earlier there was very severe & consistent spasmodic abdominal pain from last one week along with the problems of appetite, acidity & digestion. While the stones in the Gall Bladder were diagnosed 2-3 years back but they were silent and were not giving any trouble. As per the doctor, somewhere in the last week some stone got stuck in the bile duct and blocked the passage, thus choking the bladder. The bile kept on getting secreted and thus the bladder got distended & inflated. In the process an artery supplying blood to the bladder also got choked by the distension, and the bladder, denied of blood supply had started becoming black on one side, and a kind of gangrene set in. The GB was so bloated that if the operation was not done immediately it could have got bursted creating an emergency situation. With the blessings of God the decision of operation was very timely, and thanks to the kind & noble doctor who adjusted his busy schedule to take up this operation on priority basis.



Initially the decision was to get the operation done by laproscopy only, but as per the doctor, when he saw the condition of the bladder he had second thoughts about it and even thought of open surgery. However, he continued trying his best the laproscopic way and the operation got extended to around one hour, and the removal was finally successful. Normally he removes the gall bladder with 15-20 mins. The whole operation was recorded and later he showed us the amazing select video clips. Dr Goel puctured the gall bladder and sucked out the bile with suction pipes and then brought the condition to managable level.

11244920_10153919237953986_4037039156471592410_o 11312940_10153919238168986_6650534445004621315_o

There were many stones inside the bladder. One big one was of 1.13 cms wide, while there were dozens of smaller ones – like pellets. The real culprit were the smaller ones and not the bigger one which were blocking the wall as well as the duct. There were four small cuts and from next day itself he was allowed to walk around in the hospital. and by the next day night was discharged.

2015-05-27 02.33.55-1

2015-05-27 02.33.55-2

2015-05-27 20.58.43

The stay at Sahaj Hospital was nice & comfortable. The facilities are good. The hospital specializes in endoscopic surgeries. It is the first hospital in this part of the country to have 3D Laproscopy equipments. The staff too is very caring, and food etc too was good.

Photo Album of Hospital

Visit to Nakhrali Dhani


Visit to Nakhrali Dhani, a set on Flickr.

Our Russian student Br Ram along with Rajesh visited the famous village resort of Nakhrali Dhani in Dec 2013 and got a first hand feel of the Indian village life and its warm hospitality.

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