Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Aug 2017

The Aug 2017 edition of Hanuman Chalisa Satsang was organized in the Ground Floor Satsang Hall of Vedanta Ashram, on 27th Aug. The program began with lovely bhajans. The bhajans were predominantly dedicated to Ganeshji because of the ongoing Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. Later when Poojya Guruji came on the Vyasa Peeth, he was welcomed with garland by Sunil Kumar Ojha and Gulab Chandra Vyasa, and a congregational chanting of Hanuman Chalisa started. This was followed by an inspiring hour long pravachan – on the same 21st chaupayi – राम दुआरे तुम रखवारे। होत न आज्ञा बिन पैसारे।।

In his pravachan, Poojya Guruji said that Hanumanji is shown sitting at the door of Ramji and guarding it, and all those who come with humility alone get the permission to enter the temple of Ramji and get his darshan. What does this mean? It does not mean that Hanumanji only allows all those people whom he likes, but in fact when we look at the nature of Hanumanji, he is someone who is pro-actively encouraging everyone to go near Ramji and get blessed with his devotion. Here Hanumanji is shown as a Sant or rather a Guru, who in fact initiates devotees to be truly blessed with Ramji.

Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: July 2017

The last Sunday of July was on 30th, and we had our monthly Hanuman Chalisa Satsang on that day at Ashram. As usual the program began at 6.30 PM with lovely Bhajans by the Bajrangbali Bhaktas. Later after the arrival of Poojya Guruji on the Vyasa Peetha and his swagat, there was the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa and then he continued his pravachan on the chaupayi on the 21st chaupayi – राम दुआरे तुम रखवारे। होत न आज्ञा बिन पैसारे।।


Poojya Guruji said that this chaupayi is one of the finest and has helped him a lot in his sadhana. It says that Hanumanji sits guarding the door to the palace of Bhagwan Sri Ram, and no one can enter inside without his permission. This is a very significant chaupayi, because it reveals the secret of how one can approach & get darshan of the ultimate truth of our self and this entire life. Hanumanji is the key to darshan of Bhagwan Ram. Hanumanji obviously is not someone who can be coerced or bribed to get an entry inside. All his stories reveal that he himself is very happy & enthusiastic when someone approaches Bhagwan and gets blessed by his darshan, yet Hanumanji’s permission is extremely necessary. What does this mean? It means that we need to be blessed with some qualities which a Bhakta & Mahatma like Hanumanji suggests & endorses, and having which qualities Ramji will necessarily be very happy about. If at all there are some blockages, then like in the case of Vibhishan, Hanumanji tries his best to remove those blockages and prepares the person to go and surrender to Ramji. Vibhishan had some doubts about his Rakshas kula, but Hanumanji removed that hesitation and made Vibhishan confidant to go to Ramji and changed the life of a person. So also was the case of Sugriva. Hanumanji was the one who brought about that special friendship.

This chaupayi in fact indicates that for faith & devotion unto God some qualities are required, and a Sant & Mahatma like Hanumanji is one who prepares a devotee for this divine turn. Texts like Narada Bhakti Sutra, reveal to us the requisites of a devotee. While there are certainly some texts which reveal the so called adhikari for Bhakti & Sharanagati, but if one is blessed to have association of a devotee like Hanumanji then we come to be blessed with all the required qualities. We ‘see’ all those qualities – in action, live – and without any doubt that is the best way to appreciate and assimilate all those qualities. There is indeed no better blessing than getting association of a great gyani and devotee. We go to our gurus only to be aware of all the necessary preparations and knowledge which prepare us for the realization of Ramji in our hearts. This is the implication of saying that Hanumanji is sitting outside the door of Ramji’s palace and only after his permission anyone can go inside.

Poojya Guruji elaborated on the word ‘Paisare’, Hanumanji doesn’t allow anyone inside till the person surrenders completely. He said that the unique identity of we Hindus all over the world is Namaskar. Namaskar is a sadhana, it implies seeing the divinity in others, and in the process keeping aside our ego and reveling in the awareness of God. That is called pasarana. It is only those people who can dare to keep aside their ego and become humble, who are as though permitted inside.


In the end there was Aarti and prasad for all.



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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: June 2017

On 25th June 2017 was the last Sunday of the month, it was the day of the monthly Hanuman Chalisa Satsang at Vedanta Ashram, Indore. As usual the program began at 6.30 PM with lovely Bhajans by the Bajrangbali Bhaktas. Later after the arrival of Poojya Guruji on the Vyasa Peetha and his swagat, there was a lovely Bhajan by GC Vyasa (given below) – He Mere Gurudev Pranam.

Then there was the congregational chanting of Hanuman Chalisa. Finally Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji continued his yet another enlightening pravachan on the 20th chaupayi – दुर्गम काज जगत के जेते, सुगम अनुग्रह तुम्हारे तेते।

Continuing his pravachan on the 20th chaupayi of Hanuman Chalisa, Poojya Guruji said that this chaupayi is right in the center of the chaupayi and is thus having a special place. Its message is also special. Everyone in the world is pursuing some goal or the other, and it should be rightfully be there for all. It is the existence of a goal that life gets to have some meaning & challenge. Whatever we cherish alone becomes the source of our joys & sorrows. So everyone’s life can be summarized in this sentence that first we have a great & durgam goal, and then with hard & intelligent work we make it sugam or attainable. In fact we all should necessarily have some durgam goal and then go about attaining it. That’s the challenge and also the joy of life. Now the question is that how is durgam made into sugam. Here Goswamiji says that belief in God plays an important part in this endeavor. ‘O Hanumanji devotion unto you makes all my durgam challenges so sugam.’ But the question is how?

Do we have to just go & pray to Hanumanji and then he gets the work done. Well, that sounds too childish and is even wrong, obviously there is something more to it. Our devotion & worship etc have no doubt an important but also just a small part to play. That is why we have all the scriptures like Gita etc. Prayers should always be complemented with Self-effort. An intelligent mix of both Prarthana & Purushartha is required. The blessings of faith & devotion is more to be reflected in purushartha. Bhagwad Gita reveals to us that Art of Karma, which has an intelligent mix of both. The point which Poojya Guruji highlighted was firstly the very choice of our goals. Discernment of our goal of life is very critical. It should reflect our deep-rooted inclination. We need to have love to for goal. This has been termed as our ‘swadharma or sahaj karma’, and is as per our varna or prakruti. This is basically that for which the benevolent creator has created us for and sent to this world. We need to look upon us as messengers of God, who has come here for a special mission. If this is how we see ourselves and our goal – then this very perception brings about a paradigm shift in our state of mind & values – all for the better. Whenever love is the foundation of life, then alone man attain the unimaginable, and there are so many examples in the world validating this basic principle. Once a person is a Messenger of God then they shall definitely cherish all that which God teaches us. Our very identity is always associated with God – this is what we see in Hanumanji when he was standing in front of Ravana, and answering his questions about who he really is. Ram-Doota. Ego-centric life alone brings all anxieties & problems in life, and not an inspired loving life in a way by which even the creator is happy. It is this attitude which makes the almost impossible also possible.

After the pravachan there was Aarti and finally prasad was given to all devotees.




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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: May 2017

On 28th May was the last Sunday of the month, it was the day of the monthly ‘Hanuman Chalisa Satsang’ at Vedanta Ashram – by Poojya Guruji. The program started with lovely bhajans by our Bhajan Mandali. AT 7.00 PM Poojya Guruji came on the Vyasa Peetha, and after his welcome started the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa by everyone. and then his hour-long enlightening pravachan.

Poojya Guruji continued his talk on the same chaupayi as last month and threw different light on its message. दुर्गम काज जगत के जेते, सुगम अनुग्रह तुम्हारे तेते। meaning “All that which is very difficult & almost unattainable in life, becomes easy & attainable because of your grace”. While last month it was told that anything durgam is ones personal perceptions and such conditioning’s are formed when when a person just see’s his or her competencies, but when they become an instrument of God then their perception changes drastically regarding their own competencies and thus nothing remains durgam and rather is seen as possible or sugam. All we need to become is God’s instrument, then sky becomes the limit. This month he took the topic of ‘sugam anugrah tumhare tete’. While it is no doubt that with the blessings of God anything & everything becomes possible, but the real question is – how to become a recipient of God anugrah. How to invoke his blessings?

We invoke the blessing of our elders & Guru’s just by having respect towards them and following their precepts. What else does a teacher wish & expect from a student except proper understanding and living as per the teaching. We believe God more than our mind & conditioning’s about ourselves. All limitations are self-imposed, and if we truly believe someone who is just telling that we have infinite capacities to achieve & attain anything in life, then obviously we need to believe them to be a recipient of their grace. God not only reveals to us our competencies, but he alone creates & manages the whole world, he alone is the real karma-phal-data, the giver of every situation in life. So belief in him also requires our changed perception towards every situation we receive in life. A good devotee looks upon every situation in life as a prasad of God. Good or bad, God alone has given us this – for our betterment. Either as a pat on the back or maybe a tough situation to learn something and become more stronger. So to remain in good books of God and assure continuous flow of anugrah requires looking upto every situation in life as his prasad. Just as after darshan in a temple we get prasad, whatever it may be, it take it respectfully and partake it with profound blessedness. So also when a person reveals such positivity in receiving any situation in life, then all fears and complexes effortlessly disappear and the door to achieving great things open in life. So the first thing in life is to have Prasad-buddhi.

Second buddhi is all about how we respond to the situations we get. Normally our motivation is self-centered & ego-centric. Whoever has such a motivation limits their competencies, and thus closes the door of God’s blessings. In a God’s devotee this too changes. When we discover that an omniscient God is taking care of us in & through all situations by showering us with all that which is good for us, then the burden of living our lives just by ourselves & for ourselves changes. Instead the motivation becomes to live for God. So whatever we do should truly & sincerely be for the pleasure of God. This is called Ishwar-Arpan Buddhi. Like a lover doing everything for our respectful beloved God alone. This brings about such a paradigm shift in our attitudes that we become competent to attain the impossible.

These two buddhis – Prasad-Buddhi and the Ishwar-Arpan Buddhi are sure shot means to invoke the anugrah of God, and then alone even the durgam becomes sugam.


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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: April 2017

The April 2017 issue of the monthly Hanuman Chalisa Satsang was organized at Vedanta Ashram, Indore on 30th April. That day was the Jayanti of Sri Adi Sankaracharya and our first program was a procession from Ashram to Sankaracharya Dwar – with Dhol, Bells, Ghanta & Shankh. Lot of devotees and colony people joined the procession. Later the satsang began with lovely bhajans, then we had the samuhik chanting of Hanuman Chalisa and finally the enlightening pravachan of Poojya Guruji. The hall was overflowing with devotees this time, and we may have to think to having the satsang again in the bigger hall above.

In his pravachan Poojya Guruji first briefly summarized the message of the last chaupayi & pravachan and said that the truth of mudrika is basically a mantra given by Ramji to Hanumanji, this alone can be kept in mouth and also brings wonders. Interpreting the mudrika as a ring has many contradictions.

Then he proceeded to the next chaupayi – the 20th one, which is the center of this lovely garland of 40 chaupayis, called chalisa. दुर्गम काज जगत के जेते, सुगम अनुग्रह तुम्हारे तेते। meaning “All that which is very difficult & almost unattainable in life, becomes easy & attainable because of your grace”. Goswamiji says that nothing remains impossible for such people, and thus sky literally becomes the limit for such people. In every field of life they attain great heights.

Every person is capable of attaining great heights in life. Some have obviously attained the unimaginable and have become inspirer’s for the world. However, the majority remain mediocre people. They are in fact somehow constrained to even think or dream big. Why do some people impose limitations on themselves so that they cant even dream big. The reason is that they have been relying only on themselves, whom they know to be limited. Various memories come and validate their beliefs that it had been so difficult to attain various things in life. If passing through high school itself was such a problem then how could they ever think of getting Brahma-Gyana. The doer gets constrained to think big because of his/her memories. However, if someone takes oneself to be an instrument of God, then obviously the scene becomes different. Belief in God brings wonders, now it is the God who proposes and we just have to dispose. He tickles and our giggles percolate in the world outside. This is a great technique to help someone get free from their own conditioning’s and start thinking big.

Durgam is something which we create for ourselves. We define what is difficult and easy for us, and once defined we just remain in self-defined limits, and think that’s being practical. Here is a proposition of making the durgam also sugam. Think that if God has given us a situation, then obviously he believes that we can do it. If God believes that we can do it, then why should we throw spanner in the works and think on the contrary. Taking God as our master, as someone who has not only given us hands & legs but also mind & intellect – which can dream big and plan appropriately to make that a reality. Think about various unimaginable things which Hanumanji could do. He could do all that because he took himself as an instrument of Ramji. This is what we also need to do, and keep aside self-limiting constraints. If we dare to go ahead then alone there is any possibility of attaining anything. Even if we do not succeed in the first go then we would have learnt some important lessons and will certainly do it next time. However, if we believe we can do it, then we shall certainly do it. Telling various stories of Hanumanji and others Poojya Guruji effectively communicated this inspiring message & lesson.

The program ended with a Bhandara – to celebrate both the Sankaracharya Jayanti and also the Sanyas Deeksha Day of Poojya Swamini Samatanandaji.



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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Mar 2017

The March 2017 edition of the monthly ‘Hanuman Chalisa Satsang’ was organized at Vedanta Ashram, Indore on 26th Mar, the last Sunday of the month. As usual the program began with lovely bhajans sung by Bhajan Mandali, followed by chanting of Hanuman Chalisa, and then there was the inspiring & enlightening pravachan of Poojya Guruji on the 19th chaupayi – प्रभु मुद्रिका मेलि मुख माहि। जलधि लाँघ गए अचरज नाहीं।। The program concluded with Aarti & prasad.

In his pravachan, Poojya Guruji continued his elaboration of the 19th chaupayi. After briefly summarizing the last pravachan he continued on the same chaupayi this month also. Mudrika has generally been translated as a ‘ring’ which Ramji had given to Hanumanji as an identification to be given to Sitaji that he is a messenger of Ramji. Now there is a fundamental question as to how come Ramji had a ring with him? He being what he is there can be no doubt that he would ever go against the wishes of his late father that he has to live for 14 years as an ascetic, which implied being bereft of any wealth or even precious items. He was not supposed to enter any city or even a village too during this period. Even if Sitaji had some ornaments, and she threw them while being kidnapped by Ravana, then also there is no chance that he would keep any such item with him. Anyone who thinks it to be so does not understand the commitment of Ramji to his words and in fact insults him. This being so then what is the secret of this Mudrika?

Ramji certainly gave something to Hanumanji and that was an infallible proof of his being a messenger of Ramji. if we negate the possibility of any ring being with him, then we need to explore other possible meaning of mudrika. The word mudrika literally means impression, signature, identification, currency and even an imprint. Even when the word is used for ring then there also it indicates that it is a unique identification of a person. What that Mudrika was, we get a hint of that in the Hanuman Chalisa itself wherein we it is said that ‘Prabhu mudrika meli mukh mahi’, meaning he kept the mudrika in his mouth. Obviously Hanumanji could not have kept Ramji’s ring in his mouth, so it is obviously something which can be kept in mouth. So what we infer is that this mudrika was a secret worthy to be kept in Hanumanji’s mouth. Not only this keeping that mudrika in his mouth made all the difference in his all subsequent karma’s. That secret was a mantra which only Ramji & Sitaji knew. So powerful was the mantra that all the karma’s of Hanumanji were free from all limitations and success assured. This then was the mudrika.

Poojya Guruji also discussed the secret of Karma-phala. What is it which assures success in our lives? Is it destiny or is it karma’s. Well, there are generally two parties to this discussion, the first party faithfully believes that everything that everything is ordained, and that is why they run after astrologers and try to unravel the secret of their future. The other group says that it is karma by which we carve out our destiny. We know that we do get so many things in life without ever wishing for it, and that is what is referred to by the word destiny, and we all know that we do seem to have some freedom of action too. So the truth has to incorporate both these. The shastra’s tell us that both are partially right. Whatever situation we get in life is the component of destiny and how we respond is our karma. We need to learn the secret of performing our karma’s in the best possible way. The art of performing our karmas in the best possible way includes accepting every situation we get with not only equanimity but also as a prasad of the Master of the Universe, and then responding holistically and that also as an offering to that God. Basically it is all about retaining the awareness of God, and in fact being HIS instrument to do whatever we do. This is where the mudrika comes in. It was all about remembering the great grand master while being HIS instrument while doing our karmas. That way karmas can never bring about any stress, and the efficiency is at its best. That alone was the leela of Hanumanji. There was excellence all the way. This was accepted by Ramji too, and when Hanumanji was commended, then very humbly Hanumanji says that it was all HIS grace alone because of which everything was possible.

This is what this chaupayi also says that there is no surprise that Hanumanji could do all these almost impossible things.



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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Feb 2017

On 26th Feb, the last Sunday of the month, Poojya Guruji conducted the monthly Hanuman Chalisa Satsang at Vedanta Ashram, Indore. As usual the program began with lovely bhajans by the Bhajan Mandali, and this was followed by the congregational chanting of Hanuman Chalisa by everyone. Thereafter was the enlightening pravachan by Poojya Guruji.

He first summarized the pravachan of the last month, and also told everyone that the reference of the distance of Sun from Earth as mentioned in the 18th chaupayi is very interesting. Some scholars calculated the distance of Yuga Sahasra Yojan and came to the figure which is exactly as per the calculations given by American Space Agency NASA. The calculation is as under:

1 Yug = 12000 years
1 Sahastra = 1000
1 Yojan = 8 Miles
Yug x Sahastra x Yojan = par Bhanu

12000 x 1000 x 8 miles = 96000000 miles
1 mile = 1.6kms
96000000 miles = 96000000 x 1.6kms = 1536000000 kms to Sun.

NASA also gives a similar distance. 153 million Kms.

Obviously these saints did not have any present day scientific tools to give the exact figure, but nevertheless, their figure is substantiated by today’s research which obviously is amazing and brings about great faith in all their other teachings too.

Entering the 19th chaupayi, Poojya Guruji said that it is indeed amazing how intelligent and also sensitive Hanumanji was. He was not only successful in finding the highly protective Sitaji in Lanka. Sitaji was in such a state in which she could not believe anyone hereafter, as she was deceived by someone in sadhu’s dress. So it was a great challenge, and there was no chance of any failure. He was absolutely amazing in his strategy, and in the first go won over her confidence. He first sang bhajans of Ramji, and then dropped the mudrika, which was so unique that there was no possibility of imitating it. It was this special mudrika because of which he could cross the ocean too. Goswamiji says that he had kept the mudrika in his mouth.

Having told this story Poojya Guruji asked everyone a question. How come Ramji had a ring? He was not one of those who could disobey his respectable father that for these 14 years he should just live bereft of any wealth or ornaments and just live like a tapasvi. Then what is the secret of this amazing & divine mudrika? He asked everyone to reflect on this point and then next month we all shall go into the secret of this mudrika.

This month the recording could not be done, due to some error.

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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Jan 2017

On 29th Jan, the last Sunday of the month, there was the monthly satsang on Hanuman Chalisa by Poojya Guruji. The evening program began as usual with lovely bhajans, and then after the arrival of Poojya Guruji there was first the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa, then there was the hour-long enlightening pravachan by Poojya Guruji. After briefly recapitulating the talk of last month, he entered the 18th chaupayi – जुग सहस्र जोजन पर भानु। लील्यो ताहि मधुर फल जानू ।। 

First P.Guruji told the story of why & when Hanumanji went towards Sun to gobble it. The story began with Anjana when she was in the service of Brahmaji, and Brahmaji was very happy with her service & devotion, and asked her to take any boon, and she asked him to free her of a curse of a tapasvi wherein he had cursed her to have monkey-face when she falls in love with anyone. Brahmaji said that while that cannot be fully undone, but he can add a component of blessing in that. He said that she will mother a manifestation of Lord Shiva, and then be free of her curse. She was delighted.

Later when the time came and she was born on Earth, once she saw a very strong man fighting a tiger, she fell in love with him, and that very moment she became monkey-faced and kept hiding her face, later she came to know that, that strong man was Kesari, the King of Vanaras, who also fell in love with her, and both were thus happily married. Then when she begot a child, who was a manifestation of Shivji, she nicely brought him up, and then the time came for her to leave her mortal coil. She called Anjaneya, and told him that she will soon leave this body. The child was sorry, and asked how he will live his life without her love, care & guidance. Who will feed him etc. To that Anjana replied that he need not worry, his father was the great Kesari, who will nicely take care of him, Pavan devata is his protector, and whenever he felt hungry he will find ripe fruits, like the rising sun, all over the forest. She told him that everyone has to leave one day, and we should live a life wherein both living & leaving is never an issue. Later she departed.

One day when he got up early morning, he felt hungry, and went around the house and did not find anything. He was missing his mother, then he came out and saw the rising sun. He remembered the words of his mother that he could eat fruits as red as a rising sun, so he thought why not eat this only, and off he flew in that direction. He kept on flying high in the sky, and finally reached near the sun. At that time Rahu too was going to eat Sun. Anjaneya kicked him aside and started moving towards the sun, both Rahu and Sun were surprised to see this monster like creature and called for Indra’s help. Indra, the king of devatas immediately came for help, and had to finally use his Vajra to keep Anjaneya away. Vajra is a terrible thunderbolt like weapon, and only very few survive to tell their tale. However even as a child he was so strong that he was just knocked out temporarily. He fell on the ground below and became unconscious. Seeing all this Pavan devata, became very angry, and stopped the flow of wind all over. With no air to breathe people started getting suffocated and dying. They again reported the matter to Indra, who asked all devatas to go and ask for forgiveness from Pavan devata, and also bless the child with your choicest boons. This finally appeased Pavan devata, and in the process Anjaneya got blessings & boons from all the devatas. That which was a great tragedy turned out to be one of the greatest boon. Anjaneya was blessed with infinite powers, and the only mark left was his slightly bigger jaw. Jaw is called Hanu, and thereafter he came to be called as Hanuman – one with a bigger jaw. He stood apart from everyone physically and even power-wise.

Poojya Guruji later told the moral of the story. One of the most important lessons was that when we look at the mind of a child, it is so open, innocent and can believe just anything without any doubts. Any other person would have raised doubts as to how can I reach out to the skies and ‘eat’ sun, but here is the power of right education, wherein there was nothing called ‘impossible’ in his dictionary. Initially all of us are similarly open & unconditioned, but later our so called ‘education’ makes us believe in our limited identity, based on identification with our body-mind complex. Then starts our chapter of fears, incompetencies & self-imposed limitations. All our spiritual gurus tell us that greater part of their challenge is to assure unlearning & de-hypnotizing of all such self-imposed limitations & notions about ourselves. If we are basically Brahman, and the creation is just our projection, then all this will make sense, and there will be nothing impossible in our lives. We will be able to achieve anything whatsoever. Thinking alone will be the limit, if we can think big, then we shall certainly be able to achieve big – is the moral of the story.


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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Dec 2016

On 25th Dec 2016 was organized the Dec issue of the monthly Hanuman Chalisa Satsang. The program began with lovely bhajans and then there was the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa by everyone. Thereafter Poojya Guruji started the hour long pravachan, this month on the 17th chaupayi, which was: तुम्हरो मन्त्र बिभीषन माना। लंकेश्वर भए सब जग जाना।।

In his pravachan, Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji first briefly recapitulated the earlier talk, and then continued to the next chaupayi which dealt with how Vibhishan got profoundly blessed with the association & friendship of Hanumanji. All the three brothers of Lanka – Kumbhakarana, Ravana & Vibhishana were great tapasvis, but their motivation were different. They were embodiment of Tamo, Rajo & Sattva Gunas respectively. The cherished desire of Vibhishan was always devotion towards God. He always treaded the path of dharma. In his earlier life he was the famous minister of King Pratapbhanu, named Dharmaruchi. So his inclinations were very deep-rooted and old, and thus was very sincere.

The chaupayi says that his ‘mantra’ was accepted by Vibhishan and therefore he was blessed by all what he was blessed with later on. Mantra word basically means advice or suggestion, and not merely some mantra for japa etc. Even though the advice of our guru’s may include the religious chanting of some mantras but this alone is not what mantra is all about. There are many people who have sraddha & bhakti, and they keep doing various tapasyas too, yet inspite of all their endeavors, there are various deep-rooted impediments which keep blocking their spiritual unfoldment. Here is the role of some wise & benevolent masters & saints, who ‘see’ our impediments and thereafter reveal the exact sadhana which becomes instrumental to remove our impediments and thus open the gates of all blessings. While Vibhishanji had great respect & devotion for Ramji, but he had some deep-rooted doubts, because of which he could never take any initiative to even go & meet Ramji himself. This doubt pertained to his antecedents, that I am born in the family of Rakshasas, demons and therefore God will not accept me. His satsang with Hanumanji removed the very root of this problem, and it was because of the blessing of this knowledge that he could dare to go & meet Ramji later on. Hanumanji gave his own example, that O Vibhishan! please look at me, I am a vanar, and it is said that if someone sees a monkey in the morning then he/she may not even get food that day, yet look at the magnanimity of Ramji, gave me place not only at his feet, but in his heart. This removed all the hesitation in the mind of Vibhishan and history was made later on – and Vibhishan was coronated as Lankesh on the very first day he met Ramji.

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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Nov 2016

On 20th Nov evening was organized the Nov edition of the monthly Hanuman Chalisa Satsang. The program began with the lovely spirited bhajans by Dass Bagichi Bhajan Mandal, and later when Poojya Guruji came on the Vyasa-Peetha, there was the congregational chanting of Hanuman Chalisa, after which was an hour-long enlightening pravachan by Poojya Guruji on the 16th chaupayi of the chalisa: तुम उपकार सुग्रीवहि कीन्हा। राम मिलाये राज पद दीन्हा।







Poojya Guruji in his pravachan said that whomsoever Hanumanji met got blessed with the fulfillment of their cherished dreams. Those wishing bhakti got bhakti, and those wishing kingdom got kingdom. He was saving lives, giving hopes and making lives of everyone better. We saw how he saved the life of Lakshmanji and how gratified was even Bhagwan Sri Ram at the impossible feat he did. He blessed him immensely.

Now we see the story of Sugriva. It was the discretion of Hanumanji, the trusted friend & lieutenant of Sugriva that the friendship of Ramji was possible with Sugriva, and that indeed turned out to be the deciding moment in the subsequent turn of events.  In fact Ramji was searching for Sugriva, as per the advise of Kabandha, a demon whose hands were cut by Ramji, he was a cursed person and as he got liberated from his curse, he advised Ramji to go to Rishymuka Parvat and befriend Sugriva, who will be able to help him search for Sita. As Ram & Lakshman approached the Rishyamuka parvat, Sugriva spotted the two princes approaching the mountain and thought that again Vali has sent someone to kill him. He was afraid, and asked Hanumanji to go and investigate. Hanumanji took the form of a Brahmin and met Ramji. It was an eventful encounter, and Hanumanji developed great respect for Ramji and he had devotion swelling his heart. He took both the princes on his shoulder on top of the mountain where Sugriva was, and finally both became friends. Sugriva assured Ramji of help to find Sitaji, while Ramji assured of his help to get rid of Vali.

Vali, the elder brother of Sugriva, was a very powerful vanara-king. He had strength of 60,000 elephants, and he even helped devatas to churn the Mandara parvat for amrut. His wife Tara was said to have come out of ocean, and he got this divine present. She was very wise, devoted & beautiful. He was basically a very good & righteous king, but slowly he got arrogant about his power, and this arrogance became instrumental for his unjust behaviour towards his younger brother Sugriva, and also the usurping of his wife Ruma. Ramji asked to go and challenge Sugriva for a fight, which he did, even though very fearfully. Tara got doubtful and advised discretion to Vali, but he said that he will never turn his back towards any challenge, even if called for by God himself. He finally came out of the gates to fight Sugriva. Sugriva was very sure that Ramji will come to his aid, but in the first round Ramji did nothing and he got beaten very badly, and somehow came out with surprise in his eyes as to why Ramji did not help. Ramji told that it was because both brothers were so similar he could not do anything, and then put a garland in the neck of Sugriva and asked him to go back to fight again. Finally Ramji shot an arrow and Vali fell. When Ramji and others came near he angrily asked Ramji as to why did he try to kill him, and that also from behind. An enlightening samvad ensued.

Ramji said that Vali had committed a great sin of taking the wife of his younger brother as his wife, even when he was alive, and he also wrongly fully was against Sugriva to the extent of trying to kill him for no fault of his. So he was worthy to be killed by someone who is the preserver of dharma, moreover, Vali had a boon that whomsover came in front of him for a fight, half his strength would go to Vali and thus he would always win. So such a person has to be killed in this way alone. Vali realized his mistakes and became purified, and even when Ramji gave him an option to live, he denied and accepted such a death. He asked Angad to assist Sugriva and asked Sugriva to take care of Tara & Angad, and then gave his necklace to Sugriva – because of which he got such powers – and peacefully died. Ramji thus fulfilled his words of helping Sugriva get his kingdom. It was all indeed the blessings of Hanumanji that all this almost impossible thing could happen.





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