Talk at Rotary Club

On 29th Jan morning, a talk of Poojya Guruji was organized by the Rotary Club of Mumbai, Dahisar, in their Rotay Garden Campus, on the topic of BE THE INSPIRATION. More than 100 participants gathered for the talk, and listened to the talk with rapt attention.

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Prerna Talks 2018

The second Prerna Talks was organized on 28th Jan 2018 at Dahisar Vidya Mandir’s new Banquet Hall. The topic of the talks was ‘Ekta ke Sutra ki Khoj – Sabke Kalyanarth’. The speakers were Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji and Dr Sambit Patra. They arrived at right time, and were warmly received with Poorna Kumbh and mantra chanting by the children. School children also presented a band show and took the guests marching to the venue.

After prayers, lighting of the lamp and lovely patriotic song, the speakers were introducted and they spoke very nicely on the given topic. In the end there were some question & answers. Overall it was a great memorable program which everyone praised heartily.

Complete Photo Album

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VM Satsang at Mumbai

A special Satsang with Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji was organized at Vivekananda Auditorium in RK Math, Khar, Mumbai on 28th Jan morning. It was a session about Vedantic Meditation and QnA. In this session Poojya Guruji first did a conducted Vedantic Meditation. After initial briefing, he got the lights closed and then guided everyone into Vedantic Meditation – into discovering & being our true Self.

He briefed that the most prevalent Meditation is either quietening of the mind or getting overwhelmed by devotion. Both have limited roles to play and do not directly lead to Self-Knowledge. Instead of just wishing to have a quiet mind, one should rather aim for an enlightened mind, by slowly seeing the facts as they are, into our self being pure existence & consciousness.

After the Meditation, there was a short break, and it was followed by an open-house Question & Answer session. There were lots of questions, written on papers and passed on to Guruji, who handled all of them very patiently and satisfactorily.

As the session was expected to be a bit longer, so the VM authorities organized snacks for all. Inspite of the early morning program (starting 7.00 AM) the rush of devotees was more than expected so few got left – which was in a way a good sign. Better the participation more is the satisfaction & success of any program.


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Gita Gyana Yagna, Mumbai

A week-long GITA GYANA YAGNA by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji was organized at Vivekananda Auditorium, in Ramkrishna Math, Khar, Mumbai, from 4th to 11th Dec 2017. The subject-matter of the twin discourse series were – Gita Chapter 17, and Advaita-Makaranda.

Anand-Lahari : 2017

The 2017 edition of Anand-Lahari was organized on 2nd Dec 2017, at Manik Sabha Gruh, Bandra, Mumbai. Anand-Lahari is an annual musical fest organized by Indian Cultural Foundation, a charitable organization encouraging the cultural heritage of our country.

Asha Bachani welcomed Poojya Guruji and all the guests and introduced the artists. This year the program was divided into two parts. The first part was of classical dance, presented by Sanyukta Wagh, and Sruti Viswanath; while the second part was of that of spiritual songs. In the second part we had a nice devotional singer Shabanam Virmani. Both the programs were very much appreciated.

In the interval, the Managing Trustee of ICF, who is also the President of Vedanta Mission, Mumbai, and Convenor of Anand-Lahari, Sh Avinash Datta, welcomed everyone and also the Trust activities. he also introduced Poojya Guruji and requested him to give his blessings.


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Gita Gyana Yagna, Mumbai

A GITA GYANA YAGNA by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji was organized at Mumbai from 26th Nov to 3rd Dec 2016. The venue was Vivekananda Auditorium inside RK Math, Khar, Mumbai. The subject-matter of the twin discourse series were Gita Chapter 15 and Panchadasi Ch-3.

img_8666_1280x853_640x426 img_8916_1600x1067_640x427 img_8921_1600x1067_640x427 img_8922_1600x1067_640x427 img_8923_1600x1067_640x427 img_8925_1600x1067_640x427

After the Gyana Yagna, there was the lovely annual Musical Fest of ICF – the ‘Anand-Lahari’ on the 3rd Dec evening. The artists who had been invited this year were Sh Mooralala and Sh Makarand Deshpande.

img_9005_1600x1067_640x427 img_9035_1600x1067_640x427

img_9066_1600x1067_640x427 img_9046_1600x1067_640x427

Check out the playlist of the presentations. Audio quality not so good. Was recorded from far.

Pravachan Links:

  1. Gita Chapter 15
  2. Panchadasi Ch-3

Photo Album Links:

  1. Day-1: 
  2. Day-2:
  3. Day-3:
  4. Day-4:
  5. Day-5:
  6. Day-6:
  7. Day-7:
  8. Anand-Lahari:
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ICF Board Meeting at Indore

On 12th April 2015, Poojya Guruji invited all the Trustees to Vedanta Ashram, Indore for the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Indian Cultural Foundation, Mumbai. The Managing Trustee, Sh Avinash Dutta, along with his wife, Smt Ritu Datta, came to the Ashram a day before and spent a day with everyone here and also did an elaborate Rudrabhisheka on 12th morning, while Sh Satish Sharma, arrived on 12th morning after the darshan of Bhagwan Sri Mahakaleshwar at Ujjain. Sh Mohan Lalaji could not make it.

icf-meet (1)_800x533 icf-meet (4)_800x533 icf-meet (9)_800x533
The Trustees had a very elaborate & satisfactory meeting discussing all the past & future programs. For the Prerna Talks it was decided to invite Sh Rajeev Malhotra, (USA) for the Dec program.

Everyone had a lovely lunch together and by evening all the board members left for Mumbai.

Album: ICF Board Meeting

Album: Shiv Puja by Datta’s 

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Prerna Talks 2014

The first edition of ‘Prerna Talks’ was organized at Terapanth Bhavan, Kandivili, Mumbai on 7th Dec 2014. The topic of the talk was ‘Hindutva – for National Integration & International Peace‘. The main speaker invited for the talk was Dr Subramanian Swamy along with Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji. The whole program was organized very meticulously and nicely. Kudos to the Convener Satish Sharma and his whole team – which had so many youngsters too.


pt14 (52)_640x426

pt14 (56)_640x426

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It was a house-full program with so many guests who could not get the seats too. There was great enthusiasm to hear the speakers on this interesting topic. The Master of the Ceremony was Ms Suman Sharma, who did a great job. The Convener of the Program Sh Satish Sharma welcomed everyone and also told everyone about the objectives of the program – which was to inspire the younger generation with noble & inspiring goals & thoughts. Hindutva needs to be presented as a magnanimous thought and that was the motivation behind the topic, which was specially appreciated by Dr Swamy also.

pt14 (35)_640x426

Complete Video Recording of the program – uploaded by Aashish Shetty

The first to be invited for the talk was Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji, who said that it is the spiritual dimension of ‘Adhyatma Gyana’ as revealed in vedic scriptures, which is the real essence of Hindutva, and this needed to be presented & magnified in a big way, because this alone inspired & also integrated the whole country and was direly needed in the whole world too. The root of social disintegration & disharmony is our own limited, insecure & fragmented self-identity. This alone is the singularly most important factor to cause of all discomfort, problems & grief. The great Acharyas of yore diagnosed this alone as the root cause of all human ills. The wise always go to the roots, while the ignorant waste their time tinkering with the superficialities. This being simply an erroneous perception can be set right just by right & valid knowledge, so no wonder all our scriptures and acharyas have been laying great stress on this dimension & knowledge, that is why our culture is called as Adhyatmic Samskriti. We need to do something fundamental & far-reaching in this regard – something which a visionary leadership alone can do. Not only the country but the whole world is suffering from this malaise, so this message of our country will help bring lasting peace all over the world. Many people come to this ancient land just looking for this knowledge. India needs to take some initiative in this field. We need to establish some nice international class Center of Adhyatmic Knowledge in the country and work to inspire one & all through this instrument.

Dr Swamy said that we need to start by first bringing the focus on to the common language, which was Sanskrit, to integrate the country – Hindutva will automatically follow later. Regarding the Interntional Peace, he said that it is the growing population of Muslims which is becoming a threat to peace all over. He presented statistics that wherever they become majority there is no place for others to survive. So we need to get together and first present a unified front, and then they automatically present a more human face.

dec14 (18)

dec14 (19)

Dr Swamy was honored & presented with a citation and the upadhi of ‘Bharat Gaurav‘ for all the great work done single-handedly by him for the country by Poojya Guruji along with all the ICF Trustees. Dr Swamy was very happy with the efforts of the Prerna Team for organizing such a program. In the end there were refreshments for all.

Photo Album

Audio Recordings

Video of PT14 on YouTube

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Anand-Lahari 2014

The 2014 edition of the Anand-Lahari was organized at Manik Sabhagruh, Bandra, Mumbai on 6th Dec evening. The MOC was Ms Asha Bacchani ,, she very nicely welcomed everyone, and then the program started with Bharat-Natyam & Odissi presentation by Raul & Mitali Dsouza and their group.

IMG_3658_1280x853 - Copy_640x426

IMG_3703_1280x853 - Copy_640x426

Thereafter the Convener of Anand-Lahari and the Managing Trustee of ICF Sh Avinash Datta welcomed everyone. Poojya Guruji then addressed the gathering with his best wishes. and after a short break was the second half of the program, wherein Ms Bindhu Malini and Mr Vedanth Bharadwaj presented their lovely bhajans.



In the end there was dinner for all.

Photo Album

Musical Presentations

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