‘Jungle Mein Mangal’ Outing

On 10th Dec 2018, Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji announced an outing at th end of the GITA MAHAYAGNA in Mumbai, and that was an outing called JUNGLE MEIN MANGAL – this was for visiting the Maharashtra Nature Park at Mahim. While the organizers were anticipating around 25-30 people, more than 60 people turned up at the appointed time. It was a great joy to see the enthusiasm of people to go for a walk & satsang in such a place of amidst Natural beauty.

The plan was to walk around a man-made forest patch for an hour or so, and then sit down somewhere below some tree for some Satsang & Meditation. However, going around in the forest was so engrossing & enlightening that all our time went away only in forest walk and learning about the different plants etc by a trained guide provided to us by the Park authorities.

Initially everyone gathered in one of their presentation halls. One senior official briefed us about the history of Park, and then the guide, Mr Prashant briefed us about the proposed tour. We were told that this place was initially a dump-yard for garbage, but then someone had this great idea of creating a park on this garbage. Tons of soil was pot and tree plantation started, and now they have acres of lovely forest. They have butterfly garden, Nakshatra Van – with trees of every constellation, plants & trees of medicinal importance etc. There are more than 100 kinds of birds which have been spotted there.

Finally there was packed snacks for all, which everyone sat together in one of their open halls and enjoyed it.

Complete Album of the Trip

Gita Gyana Mahayagna, Mumbai

After nine years of dealing with elaborate pravachans on each chapter of Bhagwad Gita – two every year, all the eighteen chapters were completed in May 2018. As a grand completion of a great program, it was decided that Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji will take the summary of all the eighteen chapters of Bhagwad Gita in one session. As such in the winter session a nine days Gita Mahayagna was planned – and then successfully and very satisfactorily completed – from 30th Nov to 8th Dec. 

Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmananda Saraswatiji 

Poojya Guruji and P. Swamini Samatanandaji reached Mumbai on 29th Non, and from 30th Nov morning, the anushthtan began with the first chapter of Gita. First Poojya Guruji was received at the venue with Poorna-Kumbha and chanting of Vedic Mantras. There was great enthusiasm in the devotees coming to listen to these discourses and slowly the entire hall was jam-packed. Every day there was the summary of two chapters of Bhagwad Gita – one in the morning and one in the evening. The organizers planned the event nicely, in every session there were yajmans who did the Vyasa-Peeth Puja and later the Gita Aarti. Prasad was distributed by them to all devotees. 

Album of Gita Mahayagna

Talks of Gita Mahayagna 

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Talk at Rotary Club

On 29th Jan morning, a talk of Poojya Guruji was organized by the Rotary Club of Mumbai, Dahisar, in their Rotay Garden Campus, on the topic of BE THE INSPIRATION. More than 100 participants gathered for the talk, and listened to the talk with rapt attention.

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VM Satsang at Mumbai

A special Satsang with Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji was organized at Vivekananda Auditorium in RK Math, Khar, Mumbai on 28th Jan morning. It was a session about Vedantic Meditation and QnA. In this session Poojya Guruji first did a conducted Vedantic Meditation. After initial briefing, he got the lights closed and then guided everyone into Vedantic Meditation – into discovering & being our true Self.

He briefed that the most prevalent Meditation is either quietening of the mind or getting overwhelmed by devotion. Both have limited roles to play and do not directly lead to Self-Knowledge. Instead of just wishing to have a quiet mind, one should rather aim for an enlightened mind, by slowly seeing the facts as they are, into our self being pure existence & consciousness.

After the Meditation, there was a short break, and it was followed by an open-house Question & Answer session. There were lots of questions, written on papers and passed on to Guruji, who handled all of them very patiently and satisfactorily.

As the session was expected to be a bit longer, so the VM authorities organized snacks for all. Inspite of the early morning program (starting 7.00 AM) the rush of devotees was more than expected so few got left – which was in a way a good sign. Better the participation more is the satisfaction & success of any program.


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Gita Gyana Yagna, Mumbai

A week-long GITA GYANA YAGNA by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji was organized at Vivekananda Auditorium, in Ramkrishna Math, Khar, Mumbai, from 4th to 11th Dec 2017. The subject-matter of the twin discourse series were – Gita Chapter 17, and Advaita-Makaranda.