VM Satsang at Mumbai

A special Satsang with Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji was organized at Vivekananda Auditorium in RK Math, Khar, Mumbai on 28th Jan morning. It was a session about Vedantic Meditation and QnA. In this session Poojya Guruji first did a conducted Vedantic Meditation. After initial briefing, he got the lights closed and then guided everyone into Vedantic Meditation – into discovering & being our true Self.

He briefed that the most prevalent Meditation is either quietening of the mind or getting overwhelmed by devotion. Both have limited roles to play and do not directly lead to Self-Knowledge. Instead of just wishing to have a quiet mind, one should rather aim for an enlightened mind, by slowly seeing the facts as they are, into our self being pure existence & consciousness.

After the Meditation, there was a short break, and it was followed by an open-house Question & Answer session. There were lots of questions, written on papers and passed on to Guruji, who handled all of them very patiently and satisfactorily.

As the session was expected to be a bit longer, so the VM authorities organized snacks for all. Inspite of the early morning program (starting 7.00 AM) the rush of devotees was more than expected so few got left – which was in a way a good sign. Better the participation more is the satisfaction & success of any program.


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Stress Talk at Law College in Mumbai

On 27th Jan 2018, a Talk by Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji was organized at the GJ Advani Law College in Mumbai. Poojya Guruji alongwith Swamini Amitanandaji, Swamini Samatanandaji, Avinash Datta and Mohan Lala arrived at the premier Law College in Bandra, Mumbai. They were received by Advocate Satish Prabhu, who introduced them to the Principal of the College, Dr Kavita Lalchandani. She received all of them warmly.

Later she introduced the visiting Mahatmas to the students, and Poojya Guruji delivered his enlightening speech. He told how Stress is taking great toll of even the students community. NIMHANS recently said that on an average 10000 students are committing suicide every year. This is very alarming, and every institute and family should wake up to this fact. Students too should realize to handle their problems calmly. P. Guruji said that stress is basically the negative worrisome reaction of the mnd to negative turn of events. Life will continuosly keep on presenting various situations, and they may be good or bad. We need to realize that Good or Bad are our personal perceptions & response, and at the end of the day they may or may not be right. If at all they are imaginary, then it is not worthwhile to put all our eggs in one basket and consider some negative situation as the end of the world. Life is for our pleasure & joy, and no situation is big enough to become so despondent that someone even thinks of ending the life.



As a first aid, one should not let the stress build up, and should take a break often wherein he or she turns to their other interests. It is only the built-up of stress which causes various extremely disasterous psycho-somatic diseases. However, first aid alone never helps any problem to root out. So one should delve deeper. The first requirement to handle stress is to develop equanimity in all ups & downs of life. Both joys & sorrows come & go, we need to retain our cool and be prepared for them to come & go. This samttvam is the essence of all Yoga. Finally it is not Yoga also which is the solution, but a deeper knowledge of life. A premise or the philosophy of life wherein we have the notion that real joy & security comes from the world outside is the basic culprit. This premise is untrue and baseless. It doesnt stand scrutiny & enquiry. The truth is that we are bliss ourselves. True security also is to know & be your self. To the extent we have gone away from this funademtal philosohy of life, to that extent alone we are facing the music of stress. Our stresses are telling us softly that something is fundamentally wrong somewhere, so have a re-look at life, and it shall indeed become a blessing.

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Talk of P. Guruji 

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Gita Jayanti Mahotsav Inauguration

On 27th Nov 2017 evening, Poojya Guruji Swami Atmanandaji and P. Swamini Amitanandaji inaugurated the week-long Gita Jayanti Mahotsav at Agrasen Dham (Phooti Kothi). They lighted the lamp amidst the chanting of shlokas. Poojya Guruji also released a book on Gita written by Dr Raja Ram Gupta. Poojya Guruji said that we all should become like Arjun, who choose Bhagwan Sri Krishna instead of power & prosperity. May he become the Saarthi of the chariot of our lives too. Later P. Swaminiji also addressed the gathering.

Satsang at Das Bagichi

Poojya Guruji was invited at the annual function of the conclusion of Sunderkand Patha which takes place throughout the year. In this function various Bhajan Mandalis are invited to give their presentations. Poojya Guruji was warmly welcomed with chanting of Vedic Mantras. He had the darshan of Hanumanji who had been beautifully decorated, and then later he spoke about Hanumanji.

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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: March 2015

The March’15 edition of the ‘Hanuman Chalisa Satsang‘ by Poojya Guruji was organized on 29th March evening in the ground floor Satsang Hall of the Ashram. As usual first there were lovely, spirited bhajans by the DB Bhajan Mandal, then we all chanted the Hanuman Chalisa together. Poojya Guruji thereafter started his enlightening pravachan.

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In his hour long pravachan Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji talked about the importance of our parents & mentors to help create the right foundation of our personality. That is why Tulsidas mentions about the great role of his mother Anjani & father Pavan devata. No wonder our tradition & scriptures give so much importance to our mothers. The Sruti too says that first & foremost one should look upon one’s mother as a godly figure – ‘Matradevo Bhava’, and then comes the role of our father & teachers. Last time we went into the story of Anjani Mata and her amazing resolve & tapasya for begetting a virtuous son. That was when the foundation of Hanumanjis personality was first formed.

Mahavir Bikram Bajrangi:

In the third chaupayi which was then started, wherein the awesome strength of Hanumanji is described. Hanumanji is verily described as an embodiment of strenth – at all levels. All these three words indicate strenth, and as scriptures normally do not use synonyms without any purpose, we need to go deeper into these words. Bajrangi shows his strong body – solid like a stone, and itself can be used as the vajra of Lord Indra. No wonder his blows were just too much for the Ravan’s special & strong soldiers in the Asoka Vatika. A person who works to make his body strong is indeed a man of great resolve & hardwork. In case of Hanumanji the extremely strong body, which is a source of inspiration for all body builders, is topped up with an extremely strong mind, and this is indicated by the word – Bikram. Vikram means valour, a quality which stands for ‘never-say-die’ attitude. He explained that this quality is a mix of Shaurya & Dhairya which Bhagwan Sri Ram revealed as the two wheeels of Dharma-Rath. Many a times a person may not be physically very strong, but it is this quality of valour which makes them stand apart and become a leader. Finally the word Mahavir reveals the spiritual strength. As long as we depend on something or the other for our strength, so long we continue to b weak. Mere dependence reveals inner lack & weakness, so the real strong ones do not draw their strength from extraneous sources, but from their own Self. The Upanishads reveal Atma to be Brahman – complete, infinte, imperishable. Those who know their Atma to be such, alone are the true strong & fearless ones. This makes the personality of Hanumanji truly holistically strong.

When a person becomes too strong then they may become a source of terror to the people around, unlike such people Hanumanji uses his strength to help & uplift others, so the Chalisa further ays – Kumati nivar, sumati ke sangi. The next pravachan will deal with this.


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Visit of Gujarat Group

A bus-load of devotees (around 60) from Gujarat came over to Vedanta Ashram for Satsang of Poojya Guruji – on 4th Oct morning. They had visited Omkareshwar, and also had a Camp there, wherein they studied Maneesha Panchakam and Pratah Smaran Stotram. From here the devotees planned to go to Ujjain for darshan of Bhagwan Sri Mahakaleshwar, and then to Rishikesh for a Camp by Poojya Swami Viditatmanandaji.

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Poojya Guruji spoke for an hour on the establishment of maryada by the great acharya like Shankara – wherein he even kept aside the necessity of shuddhi when he saw that the chandala in Kashi was speaking the ultimate & profound Vedantic truth of advaita. Here is the talk, which can even be freely downloaded.

Poojya Guruji gave a prasad pustika (Sumiraun Pavankumar – in Guj) to all of them. Later they had some light refreshments an a cup of tea before leaving for Ujjain.


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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang: Aug 2014

The Aug 2014 edition of the monthly Hanuman Chalisa Satsang was organized at the same Sankaracharya Sabhagruh, at the Vedanta Ashram, Indore, on 31st Aug evening. It was raining cats & dogs yet the regular devotees managed to come in time – with their Hanumanji statue. The devotees from Dass Bagichi always bring their Hanumanji statue with them for the Satsang, and also sing lovely bhajans before the pravachan. The presence of such devoted group charges the whole atmosphere beautifully, and creates the right ambiance for the pravachan.

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After the bhajans and the congregational chanting of Hanuman Chalisa, Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji continued his discourse on the first chaupayi of the Chalisa – Jaya Hanuman Gyana Guna Sagar. He said that Goswami Tulsidas is revealing that we should look upon the multifaceted personality of Hanumanji basically from the point of view of his profound & immeasurable Gyana & Guna’s – everything else follows these two. To get an idea of the Gyana of Hanumanji he told that one should bring to mind the discussion of Bhagwan Sri Ram in the Aranya kand of Ramayana, which is famous as the Ram-Gita, in which Bhagwan Sri Ram tells Lakshman as to what is Gyana etc., and to get an idea of the Guna’s of Hanumanji one should refer to the Vibhishan Gita of Ramayan wherein Ramji tells Vibhishan as to which are the qualities because of which success & victory is assured in one’s life.

Later everyone did the Aarti & took prasad.



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Hanuman Chalisa Satsang – May 2014


The May 2014 edition of the monthly Hanuman Chalisa Satsang by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji was organized on the evening of 25th May 2014 at the Sankaracharya Sabhagruh at Vedanta Ashram, Indore.

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The program started at 6.30 PM with lovely bhajans by the devotees of the Dasbagichi Bhakta Mandal. Later there was the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa by everyone. The pravachan of Poojya Guruji started at 7.30 and continued till 9.00. He continued his discourse on the second doha of the chaupayi, and talked about the Five Kleshas and Shad Vikaras.

Later there was Aarti of Hanumanji and Poojya Guruji.

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GGY Mumbai – Pravachan Links

During the recent Gita Gyana Yagna by Poojya Guruji Sri Swami Atmanandaji at the Vivekananda Auditorium in the Ramkrishna Math, Khar, Mumbai which were organized from 5th to 11th May 2014, Poojya Guruji explained Gita Chapter 10 (Vibhooti Yoga) and Mundakopanishad 2-1.


These pravachans have been uploaded on the net and can be accessed by anyone freely. You can either hear the talks online or even download them for offline hearing & study. These talks are only for personal & non-commercial use only.

Links of Gita Chap-10 Pravachans

Links of Mundakopanishad 2-1 Pravachans



Satsang at ‘Maharshi Gautam Samaj’ :

On the occasion of the annual get together of the ‘Maharshi Gautam Brahmin Samaj’ the members requested Poojya Guruji for a Satsang. This was organized at their Samaj Dharamshala on the Airport Road on 31st March 2014 evening.

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The members respectfully did the Pada Prakshalan of Poojya Guruji and then welcomed him with garland, shawl, fruits, coconut and dakshina. After a brief introduction of Poojya Guruji he gave an enlightening talk on the ‘Life & Message of Maharshi Gautam‘ to the hundreds of members who had gathered there on the occasion. Later there was Aarti of Maharshi Gautam, whose statue is installed there.

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