Vaishnav Devi Yatra

On 11th May Poojya Guruji and P. Swamini Samatanandaji went to Vaishnav Devi Mandir for darshan of Mataji. They started early morning at 5.00 AM in the luxurious Rexton SUV of Grovers (driver Rajesh). They reached Katra before 8.00 and got the necessary passes for the Helicopter flight. The comfortable flight took just 4 mins to reach Sanji Chhat, which is 2.5 Kms short of Bhavan. They took palkis, and then a Police officer took them to the Mandir for darshan of Mataji and were back by 4.00 at Katra. After lunch on their way they were back to Pathankot by evening. A great memorable trip.

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Sidhbari Yatra

On 10th May, Poojya Guruji and P. Swamini Samatanandaji left for Sidhbari, Chamunda Devi & Mcleod Ganj Yatra. They left Pathankot after breakfast in the luxurious Rexton SUV of Grovers. The drive to Sidhbari took about 2 hours. At the Ashram, they met the Manager Sh Gupta, who took the visitors around. Poojya Guruji paid respect at the Samadhi of his Brahmaleen Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji, had darshan of Ram Mandir and Hanumanji and then left for Chamunda Devi Mandir. Then they went to McLeodGanj, where they had darshan of the Tibetian Temple. Later after lunch there they were back at Pathankot by evening. It was a nostalgic Yatra down the memory lanes for P. Guruji.

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Amritsar Yatra

On 8th May 2017, Poojya Guruji and Swamini Samatanandaji drove from Pathankot to visit Golden Temple and Durgiana Mandir at Amritsar. Had nice darshan at both places. In the afternoon had lunch and some rest at Hotel Namaskar, which was of a friend of SK Grover, our host at Pathankot. He was Mr Mahajan, an inquisitive & devoted person.

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Gita Gyana Yagna, Bhubaneswar

There was a week-long GITA GYANA YAGNA at Bhubaneswar from 7th to 13th April, at the same venue – Sivananda Samskrutik Kendra. P. Swaminiji reached Bhubaneswar on 6th afternoon and in the evening addressed the devotees who had gathered there for their weekly satsang. From next day the morning-evening pravachan’s started. The subject matter of the twin discourses were: Gita Chapter 4 and Kathopanishad 2-1.

During this Yagna, P. Swamini Poornanandaji also joined Sw Samatananda at Bhubaneswar – for darshan of various famous pilgrimages in that area. On 11th the host & sponsor of the entire trip Sh Rajesh Kumar took her to Konark and Jagannath Puri. Next two days she visited Lingaraj Mandir / Dhauli and then the famous Nandankanan Zoo.

Some Album Links:

GGY Bhubaneswar

GGY Concludes

Nandankanan Zoo Visit

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Yatra to Janapav Kuti

On 29th Jan 2017, an Indore based trek group called ‘Walking Wanderers’, organized a short trek to Janapav Kuti, an ancient place, which is around 45 Kms from Indore (an hour drive). This place is not only supposed to be the birth place of Chambal River, but is also said to be the birth place of well-known Parashuram Rishi. The trek group aptly named this trek as ‘Lakshya’ – as by this trek they aimed to break a world record to organizing a trek with the largest number of people. They succeeded in their well-organized efforts because they could finally garner around 4000+ people, breaking the earlier record of 2100 people joing a single trek.

Poojya Guruji saw the news of this plan in the newspapers, and took initiative to contact the group and organize a trip for our Russian visitors. Five members connected with Vedanta Ashram were registered for the trip. Swamini Vidyananda, Swami Asangananda, Alexei Rostovtsev, Anagh Sharma and Angad Kapoor went for the trip. Angad Kapoor lead the group on the d-day in his car to the base camp.  The trek was only of 3 Kms, but at places the climb was tough and the weather was hot. Passing through green fields, a small village, small temples the trekkers went on enjoying the trip. The organizers had made good arrangements of drinking water on the way, there was an ambulance of any possible emergency and of course Police arrangements too.

After reaching the top, they were greeted with some musical presentations, and were also given Certificates of Participation in this world-record event. While there they saw the ancient kund from where not only Chambal River but also four more rivers were said to have originated. They are: Chambal, Gambhir, Karam, Ajnar and Nakhedi. There must obviously be some perennial spring in the kund for its regular source of water. Out of these the first two become good sized rivers. The government plans to renovate the entire place and make it a good tourist attraction. Then there is a Shiv temple, exactly on the place of the birth place of Parashuram ji. Now some Dharmshala etc have also come up. There were lots of black-faced monkey’s in the area adding to the adventure.

Photo Album

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Sangam Yatra

Poojya Guruji alongwith some Ashram Mahatmas and devotees decided to go for darshan of the newly made Kshipra-Narmada Sangam, which is on the outskirsts of Indore. The drive is of 45 odd minutes.

The first stop was at Dev-Guradia, which has an ancient Shiv Mandir with Gutakeshwar Mahadev residing there. The Mandir is at the base of a hill, with nice forests around and a dharamsala with rooms. There is a seasonal water spring there, and also a water reservoir. The place is very respected with Shiv-bhaktas, and there is huge rush during Mahashivratri there. The spring was active, and the reservoir full of water. The devotees & children were having fun taking dip in it. Had lovely darshan there, and then proceeded further.

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The second stop was the Sangam. The roads were very nice – all newly made. Sangam was been very lovingly designed & made. There is an ancient Kshipra Mata Mandir on a hillock, from where the river is said to have sprung from a spring. With times and the underground water table going down, that spring had dried up, and so the river had become seasonal, active only in monsoons. However, the present dispensation planned to rejuvenate the river by bringing Narmada waters there in big 7-8 ft diameter pipes. A tasteful waterfall with statues and ghats have been made, and the whole place has been made into a pilgrim center. This time of the year we saw many ‘kavadias’ taking water from here and then going to ujjain or Omkareshwar for abhisheka. Men & women taking dip in the ghats there. There are separate ghats for both. Green lawns, flowers etc have been planted there and are manitained too nicely. After spending sometime, and also going uphill (with around 160 steps) we had darshan of the ancient mandir – we started for our next destination.

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Our final destination was the ancient Kevedeshwar Mahadev Mandir. This is about 2 Kms off road, and the road is old & broken too. Along with the Mandir there is also an Ashram with a Mahamandaleshwar residing there. The present head of the place is Mahant Dharampuriji Maharaj. We found him doing the special Savan Shiv-Puja with hundreds of Parthiv-Linga’s. He respectfully welcomed Poojya Guruji and other Mahatmas, and honoured everyone too. Later by lunch time we were back at our Vedanta Ashram – for hot lunch.

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Photo Album


Ujjain Yatra – Jan’14


Ujjain Yatra – Jan’14, a set on Flickr.

Br Ram (Vladimir – from Russia) and Rajesh Kumar went to Ujjain on 13th Jan 2014 for darshan of Bhagwan Mahakaleshwar. Being Monday there was huge rush, however they got a good darshan. They also visited Sandeepany Ashram, Har Siddhi, Garh Kalika, Char Dham Mandir, Kaal Bhairava, Mangal Nath, Kshipra Ghat and finally the Bhartrahari Caves. As per Br Ram – It was an amazing trip.

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Narmada Snana Yatra


Narmada Snana, a set on Flickr.

Br Ram, Rajesh and Ravindra Thakur accompanied by Swamini Poornanandaji and Swamini Samatanandaji went for Narmada Snana on the morning on 12th Jan 2014 to Kheri Ghat. It was an enjoyable trip for all.

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